Hamas condemns Israeli attempts to wipe out Islamic, Christian shrines

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[ 05/02/2012 – 06:20 PM ]

DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Hamas strongly condemned the Israeli Judaization plans targeting Islamic and Christian holy shrines in occupied Jerusalem.

The movement, in a statement on Sunday, urged the UN and international human rights groups to urgently pressure Israel into halting its colonialist schemes.

It described the Israeli schemes to wipe out Islamic and Christian landmarks in the holy city as a violation of heavenly religions and international norms.

Hamas warned Israel of persisting in violations of Jerusalemite rights, holding it responsible for consequences of such practices.

The movement asked the Palestinian people to stand up to such schemes, and appealed to international organizations to expose Israel’s Judaization plots.

The Israeli occupation authority had announced the establishment of a commercial center and parking lot on land owned by the Armenian Church in the Old City of Jerusalem.


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