Subaru ad makes light of West Bank price tag attacks

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972 Magazine | Ami Kaufman | Febr 5, 2012

The lengths to which corporate capitalism will go to make an extra buck make never ceases to amaze me. Knowingly crossing the lines is the easiest way to get attention these days.

A Facebook friend said he found this advertisement in a Yedioth Aharonot paper he was reading today and took a shot of it with his iPhone:

Subaru ad (photo: Ari Remez)

In typical price tag style graffiti, on a brick wall that looks pretty much like any brick wall you would find belonging to your typical West Bank mosque, the words “Price list tag” are sprayed in blue. In Hebrew, it’s a similar wordplay: Tag Mechir = Price Tag; Tag Mechiron = Price list Tag.

Under that, it tells of Subaru’s new sale in Israel:

“Subaru, in a radical trade-in deal:
Get full price list price for your car,
and leave with a new Subaru
3-16 of February”

At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes, and didn’t believe it was real.

But then I found the ad on the web:

Some of you out there probably think this is funny. You might want to have second thoughts on that.

Source 972Magazine

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In the meanwhile, since Aug 1, 2011 2 people were killed in hit & run attacks, several attacked of which some disabled and even a 13 year old girl in a wheelchair has been attacked by radical settlers.

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Subaru ad makes light of West Bank price tag attacks

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