Doha agreement: Gov’t under Abbas to prepare for elections

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[ PIC – 06/02/2012 – 07:05 PM ]

DOHA, (PIC)– Hamas and Fatah factions have agreed on the formation of a new Palestinian government under chairmanship of PA chief Mahmoud Abbas that would primarily be concerned with preparing for the general elections.

The agreement, which was signed by Abbas and political chairman of Hamas Khaled Mishaal under Qatari patronage, stipulates postponing the presidential and parliamentary elections for “procedural reasons” but did not fix a new date.

It stipulated among other things the formation of a government of technocrats that would prepare for the elections and reconstruction of Gaza.

The agreement also called for progressing in the reactivation and restructuring of the PLO and for re-formation of the Palestinian national council in correspondence with the elections. They agreed in this respect on holding the second meeting on the PLO in Cairo on 18 February.

The agreement called for continuation of the reconciliation-related committees.

Gaza premier Ismail Haneyya welcomed the agreement and announced his government’s preparedness to implement it.

Independent MP Jamal Al-Khudari also welcomed the agreement and hoped that it would herald an end to the division in the Palestinian political arena.

Khader Habib, a leader with Islamic Jihad movement, called for expediting implementation of the agreement on the ground, adding that his movement would not join the government, which he described as temporary with independent members.

The popular front for the liberation of Palestine objected to the agreement, saying that it was against the legislation passed by the Palestinian legislative council back in 2003 that separated between the posts of president and premier.

Other political analysts and writers expressed reserved optimism toward the agreement while others rejected it outright such as Dr. Abdul Sattar Qassem, political science professor and former presidential candidate, who expected failure of the agreement.

Qassem attributed his conclusion to the fact that the agreement did not resolve the root causes of the internal Palestinian division.

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