PALESTINE NEWS | Feb 6, 2012

“Israel kills by deprivation of Healthcare”
Facts tweeted earlier now storified

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Feb 6, 2012 | 23276 Days Since Al-Nakba & Gaza has been under siege for 1699 days

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Palestine Under Attack Timeline | In pictures Aug 2011 | Oct 2011 | Dec 2011

Deprivation of Basic Needs Cost Lives!

Articles 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention clearly establish that Israel, as the occupying power, not only has a duty to ensure medical supplies reach hospitals in the OPT, but to ensure and maintain the services of the hospitals too. As High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions, other states not only have a moral duty but also a legal obligation to ensure Israel abides by its commitments to the protected population of the OPT.

As a States Party to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Israel is obliged under Article 24 of the treaty to recognise the right of every child under its effective jurisdiction “to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health and to facilities for the treatment of illness and rehabilitation of health. States Parties shall strive to ensure that no child is deprived of his or her right of access to such health care services”.

Deliberate Deprivation Healthcare | Electricity | Water | Communication

Settler Violence increased with 50%

Below categories and topics are continuously being updated with attacks by colonists on Palestinians or Palestine’s properties.

Settler Terrorism Topic | Category | Pictures | New: Interactive Map

Israel tries to hide the atrocities of it’s occupation. Why you didn’t know…

By all means possible Israel tries to prevent truth coming out of Palestine. By attacks on press, journalists, photographers, hijacking or piracy on the internet, even attacking live tweeting/streaming/documenting professionals and online activists and of course by it’s main propaganda machine of hasbara to alter truth, facts and not to forget even attempts to alter history. All, to prevent some truth reaches your eyes or ears:

Silencing Truth Attacks on Press | Hasbara (Propaganda) | Censorship

Continuous updates..

Israel Apartheid, a Beginners Guide ~ by Ben White

Palestine’s Right of Self-Defense ~ by Stephen Lendman

“Israel” suppresses Demos, shoots French woman and Lies about it too – Feb 3, 2012 – Live Updates

Palestinians in Israel – Book Review

Yet another War for Israel

Barhoum Denies Divisions in Hamas Over Doha Declaration

Egyptian gas pipeline to Israel, Jordan blasted for 12th time

Doha agreement: Gov’t under Abbas to prepare for elections

IOA serves demolition notices in Salfit village

700 Palestinian prisoners start gradual hunger strike on Tuesday

UK court bails Bethlehem-born preacher Qatada

Egypt welcomes Fatah, Hamas deal in Doha

False Palestinian Analogies

Lesson from Ike for the IDF

Israeli bulldozers are leveling & bulldozing Palestinian agricultural land on Atur area in the occupied JERUSALEM to build Israeli Park!/KhuloodBadawi/status/166449268855545856

‘Tears of Gaza’ – Bare Facts – This movie will change you:
So you won’t say.. we didn’t know about #Palestine

Twitter Occupies Freedom of Speech – No News. Not Again. Still… #TwitterCensored ~ by @occpal

Action Alert ▶ Gaza Health Care is in Danger – in pictures

Israeli Career officer suspected of blackmailing women online,7340,L-4185975,00.html

Gaza’s hidden treasures – which Israel doesn’t want you to know about

Gaza Deputy PM meets Bahraini delegation

South Africa mulls BDS sanctions on Israel

Israel to the United States: “We’ll Give You the War, You Give Us the Cannon Fodder”

AFP Defends Graphic Photo After Israeli Criticism

Take action for hunger striking Palestinian Prisoner Khader Adnan!

Israeli journalist to speak on Israeli-Palestinian conflict, living in Gaza

American veto history: Protecting occupation, apartheid

George Galloway Brings His Palestine Cause to Jakarta

Abbas Named as Candidate for Prime Minister

IDF commander who left soldier behind dismissed,7340,L-4185998,00.html

Turkish aid ship docks in Ashdod to transfer supplies to Gaza

Joseph Tomb caught up in Israel-Palestine dispute

Abbas Recommended to Serve as Interim Government Prime Minister

Lack of medication in Gaza

Breaking: Settlers and Israeli military move forward with plan to steal land

Unknown chemicals sprayed in Palestinian cars at checkpoints

Illegal, underground: Palestine’s electricity ‘threat’

Shalit committee asks court to cancel release of freed Palestinian

Sources: Abbas to assume premiership

Abbas to head unity government as factions sign agreement

Netanyahu: Abbas must choose between Hamas and peace

IOF soldiers storm home of Palestinian prisoner

IOF soldiers round up 15 Palestinians

IOF soldiers arrest 3 Palestinians in Gaza

IOA bulldozers level land in Qalqilia

Israeli Occupation Forces Arrest Six Palestinians

Hamas leader returns to Gaza after 21 years in exile

Photos of the illegal works that the municipality is doing now near Issawiya

Photo |  Israeli bulldozers are bulldozing & damaging Palestinian owned land in occupied Jerusalem, Palestine

The Israeli Fascist drag an elderly man from his land. a picture from the clashes in #KufrQaddoum earlier this morning!

PHOTOS | Israeli bulldozers bulldozed land in Atur, Feb. 6, 2012:

27 Palestinian Political Officials Held by Israel Without Charge or Trial

Abu Ashraf being dragged off and arrested by Israeli military in Kufr Qaddoum as settlers destroy land

VN: “The Israeli authorities demolished two houses in East Jerusalem and Area C, displacing two families of 15 people.”

8-year-old boy dies after being hit by car

Final Hamas Member Leaves Syria

Israeli Forces Arrest 15 Palestinians

Youth conference and more –

Two-front international struggle for Palestine ~ by Lawrence Davidson

Israel stating PA to submit “Israeli sites” to World Heritage List,7340,L-4185699,00.html

DFLP: No to Palestinian and Arab Participation in the Zionist “Herzlia Congress”:

DFLP: 10 Topics about Current Situation:

Frontpage going berserq: Israeli Demonization Week –

FYI, you CAN’t DEMONIZE a DEMON, they do a great jon themselves
Eyes on Gaza read eyewitnessaccount of Dr. Mads Gilbert
who was present in #Gaza during Cast Lead War

French official: J’lem to be capital of ‘Palestine’ – Jerusalem Post

Two Al-Qassam fighters killed in accident

Call for Action ▶ Palestinian prisoner on 50th day of hunger strike

Bedouin community wins reprieve from forcible relocation to Jerusalem garbage dump (Amira Hass, Haaretz)

AbirKopty: Israeliarmy raided last night NabiSaleh, attacked martyr Mustafa Tamimi’s father and arrested his brother Loai

#BREAKING #KUFRQADDOUM | Zionist forces prevent ambulance to take a by settlers and army wounded elderly person v .@hasankarajah!/hasankarajah/status/166428955405070338

Al Qassam Brigades mourns the death of Ezzedeen Safi

“No Permission for the Blanket”, 13yr girl writes of visiting her dad held w/o charge in #Israeli prison.

GazaYBO – Breaking : unusual movement of Israeli tanks and jeeps at the border line of Khanyonis & drones flying…

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