VIDEO | Lack of medication in Gaza

PressTV – Broadcast Date: 05 Feb. 2012
Palestinian protesters pelted the car taking United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-moon into Gaza with shoes sticks and stones, last week.

The incident took place in Erez crossing which is the main entrance to the beleaguered strip from Israel.

There is a general perception that the siege of Gaza is over and that all necessary materials can pass freely. But only a few days ago the British charity Medical Aid to Palestinians had to urgently deliver medicine to Gaza after the health authorities there ran out of drugs.

On Wednesday, seventy-four football fans died in Port Said for what many Egyptians view as a security forces failure.

Most of the dead were believed to be supporters of Cairo’s al-Ahly team who attacked after losing match to local side al-Masry.

The group of hardcore al-Ahly fans known as Altras has accused the authorities of allowing the killings to happen.

They say the authorities wanted revenge because the Altras were among those battling the police during last year’s revolution that ousted Dictator Hosni Mubarak.

Anger of the deaths has combined with a widespread frustration at the pace of reforms undertaken by the interim military rulers.

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