Illegal Settler raze & confiscate Palestinian land under protection of Israeli Army – in pictures

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Febr 5, 2012

Early this morning over 20 Israeli soldiers and Zionist settlers descended up on Kufr Qaddoum’s lands, arresting local villager Abu Ashraf, and dragging him off. Settlers were seen plowing through the land with bulldozers and military present.

In a collaboration between military and illegal settlers,  the main road that Kufr Qaddoum has been advocating to open through its weekly peaceful demonstrations has also been reportedly seized, while illegal, Zionist settlers are currently planting trees in the newly plowed land under the protection of the Israeli military.

Every Friday Kufr Qaddoum has held peaceful demonstrations to reopen their main road. On January 21 the village celebrated their success in peacefully pushing back Israeli Occupation Forces for the second week in a row as they tried to reclaim access to this road.

Settlers, under the protection of soldiers, started digging the land after bulldozers left, claiming it belongs to them, he added.

Land razing started since Sunday in the village. Residents expressed their fear that the razing aims to expand Kadumim settlement built on their land.

Photos by Ayman Nubana, Kufr Qaddom village & ISM


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