Independent Palestinian Politicians Welcome Doha Declaration

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QNA _ Febr 7, 2012

Gaza Strip , February 07 (QNA) – The Palestinian Group of Independent Palestinian Figures welcomed Tuesday the Doha declaration held under the auspices of HH the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, which agreed to a unity government headed by Mahmoud Abbas.

Head of the Group of Independent Palestinian Figures, Dr. Yasser Al Wadia released a press statement hee today calling on forming the reconciliation government as soon as possible. He was specifically keen to form a freedoms committee, a social reconciliation committee, as well as another committee for the elections. He said that forming these committees will enable the government to have an impact on the ground.
He said that “The Palestinian people are looking forward to the formation of the government quickly, in order to unify the political decision- making in the West Bank and the Gaza strip.”

The Palestinian independent figure stressed that the government will achieve its purpose when it carries out the decisions recommended by the reconciliation committees of the Palestinian reconciliation declaration. The main files on the new government’s desk, according to Al Wadia, were releasing the political prisoners, solving the passports crisis, personal freedoms and the freedom of the press.

Al Wadia called on President Mahmoud Abbas and Chief of Hamas Political Bureau Khaled Meshaal to start implementing the recommendation of the freedoms committee immediately, based on the Cairo Agreement signed in May 4th. (QNA)

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