Netanyahu Slams Abbas For Doha Agreement

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February 07, 2012 | Saed Bannoura | IMEMC & Agencies

Israeli Prime Minister, Mahmoud Abbas, slammed Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, to the reconciliation agreement with Hamas, singed on Monday at the Qatari Capital, Doha, between Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and Hamas head, Khaled Mashaal. The agreement states that Abbas would become the Prime Minister of the Unity Government until new elections are held.

(Arcvhive – Arabs48) Abbas (left) and Mashal

During a meeting with his Likud right-wing party, Netanyahu stated that “Abbas must choose between peace with Israel or coalition with the Hamas movement”, Israeli Haaretz reported.

Netanyahu claimed that Israel “conducted extensive efforts to advance the peace process”, and added that “should Abbas implement the agreement that was signed in Doha, he will be departing the path of peace to join Hamas that ignores the International Community”.

The Doha agreement is considered a major advancement in unity talks between Hamas and Fateh, and if implemented, could mean the actual implementation of Palestinian National unity, especially since one of the major issues that obstructed this implementation was the Prime Minister post.

Palestinian media sources reported that Fayyad and Ismail Haniyya of Hamas will likely be serving deputies to Abbas, as Haniyya will be running the affairs of the Gaza Strip while Fayyad will be responsible for West Bank affairs.

The government is intended to be a government of technocrats, and will have several major tasks headed by the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and for preparing for the new presidential and legislative elections.

Israel and the United States believe that any agreement with Hamas is a deviation from the stalled peace process, and another “setback”.

Netanyahu’s statements regarding international law and international community come despite the fact that Israel’s occupation of Palestine is a direct violation to international Law, and disregards the fact that Israel’s settlements in the occupied West Bank, including in occupied East Jerusalem violate the Fourth Geneva Convention to which Israel is a signatory.

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