Even with Doha agreement, political arrests and purges ongoing in W. Bank

[ 08/02/2012 – 01:17 PM ]

WEST BANK, (PIC)– All inter-Palestinian reconciliation agreements especially the last one known as the Doha declaration seem to have not curbed the Fatah-controlled Palestinian authority and its forces from carrying out political arrests and job purges against Hamas cadres and supporters.

In Qalqiliya city north of the West Bank, the PA security forces kidnapped one of Al-Da’wa college’s students called Abdullah Nofal and detained one of his college mates for several hours inside the campus.

A PA military court also extended the detention of student Muthana Ashtiya, from Palestine technical college, for more 15 days for the second consecutive time after his trial was postponed several times.

The de facto PA government also axed teacher Yazid Tanbour because of his political affiliation.

In Tulkarem city, the family of detainee Anas Raddad said the PA security apparatuses refused to comply with a court decision issued three months ago ordering the release of its son.

The family added that it paid the fine imposed on its son, but they still refuse to release him causing him to miss four college semesters at Al-Najah university.

Student Nabil Al-Rajoub, from Dora town in Al-Khalil city, also received a few days ago a summons from the PA preventive security ordering him to attend an interrogation session at its headquarters in the city.


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