Archbishop Hanna condemns Zionist falsification of the history of Christian holy places

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[ PIC 10/02/2012 – 12:59 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Atallah Hanna, the Archbishop of Sebastia, condemned the campaign of falsification and deception lead by Zionist organisations that claim to be Christian with the help of the Israeli ministry of tourism.

He called on church leaders in the Holy Land and all over the world to take this matter seriously, reveal the facts and condemn the falsification and the exploitation of religion to serve the occupation’s racist policies.

“There are Zionist organisations, supported by Zionists which seek to falsify historic facts pertaining to the holy places, especially in Bethlehem and Jerusalem,” he said pointing out that those organisations are disseminating copies of a film that contains false information which contradicts history and Christian heritage and tries to promote places to visit by the tourists at the expense of authentic historic places associated with the Christian faith. This, he said, strips the Palestinian people of their holy places, both Muslim and Christian.

He stressed that the matter is serious and should not be accepted as the occupation ministry of tourism gives out this film to tourists and pilgrims in a bid to deceive and influence their views.

Hanna further explained that these American Zionist organisations which claim to be Christian, have nothing to do with Christianity, but are only trying to exploit the Christian religion for political ends in the service of the occupation.

Related: Israel’s crimes against Christianity | Christianty – in pictures

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