Egyptian Palestinian talks on Gaza’s power crisis

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[ PIC 10/02/2012 – 12:04 PM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)– A responsible source at the Egyptian ministry of electricity and energy said that an Egyptian-Palestinian meeting will take place next week to discuss the power crises in the Gaza Strip and the help that Egypt can provide to Gaza in this field.

A Qatari media sources said on Thursday that a high level delegation headed by Kanaan Obaid who is in charge of electricity supply in Gaza is due to arrive in Cairo to hold talks with senior officials at the ministry of electricity and energy in Egypt.

The source said that the energy authority of the Palestinian government in Gaza warned on Thursday that the Gaza Strip will suffer a blackout in 27 hours unless fuel supplies are allowed into the Strip to run the sole power station. The authority further called on Arab and Muslim countries to help solve the crisis and expressed hopes that the talks in Cairo will be fruitful.

The source further said that the Gaza Strip is suffering daily power cuts that last up to 21 hours, the crisis was aggravated by the disruption of fuel flow from Egypt to the Gaza Strip.

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