Hamas calls for defending the Aqsa mosque

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[ PIC 12/02/2012 – 06:04 PM ]

DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Hamas warned the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) of persisting in its attempts to storm the Aqsa mosque and protecting Jewish settlers, describing the Aqsa as a “red line”.

The movement said in a statement on Sunday that any tampering with the Aqsa mosque would be tantamount to declaring war on all Arabs and Muslims.

Hamas hailed the Palestinians in 1948 occupied Palestine and in Jerusalem who stood up to the Israeli storming attempt, urging the Palestinian people to stand united to protect the Aqsa mosque.

Hamas asked the Arab and Muslim masses to assume their responsibilities and to back the steadfastness of the Jerusalemites.

The Israeli occupation forces have been encircling the Old City of Jerusalem since Saturday morning to pave the way for Jewish fanatics to storm the holy site on Sunday, an attempt which was foiled by Palestinians stationing in the holy compound.

Meanwhile, the league of Palestine scholars appealed to the Islamic Umma to hurry to the rescue of the holy site, the third holiest shrine in Islam.

Dr. Salem Salama, the head of the league, told a press conference on Sunday that the Muslims worldwide should not remain arms folded in face of Israeli desecration of the holy site.

He urged Jerusalemites and Palestinians in 1948 occupied Palestine not to let the Aqsa mosque empty at any time by day or night and to remain stationed there 24 hours a day.

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