Falk appeals to Israel to let go of hunger striker #KhaderAdnan

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[ PIC 16/02/2012 – 11:39 AM ]

NEW YORK, (PIC)– Richard Falk, the UN special rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian lands, appealed on Thursday to Israel to release Palestinian prisoner Khader Adanan, who has been on hunger strike for two months.

Falk expressed deep concern over the life of prisoner Adanan and urged the international community to intervene.

“I call on the international community, especially the states with close relationship with Israel, to urge the Israeli government to fulfill its responsibilities under international law, most urgently with regard to Mr. Adnan,” the UN official said.

“In view of the emergency of his situation, the government of Israel must take immediate and effective action to safeguard Mr. Adnan’s life, while upholding his rights,” he added.

Falk also called on Israel to respect its legal obligations pertaining to thousands of Palestinian prisoners in its jails.

“The improper treatment of thousands of Palestinian prisoners by the government of Israel should be of great concern to the international community, and it is a problem that I am paying close attention to in the context of my ongoing visit to the region,” he stressed.

Prisoner Adnan, whose life is reportedly in jeopardy, has maintained a hunger strike for almost 60 days in response to humiliating circumstances of his imprisonment without charges.

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