Israel gives ‘price tag’ youth a new West Bank hilltop

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on February 16, 2012 at Mondoweiss

Migron. (Photo: Los Angeles Times)

This week, a new outpost in the occupied Palestinian territories was offered as part of an exchange deal with settlers from the “price tag” hilltop youth in Migron. The Israeli press has called the approved plot of land the first new settlement in over a decade, despite a decade of unprecedented expansion in existing communities, and the proliferation of illegal outposts.

Migron is sitting on an eviction order from Israel’s high court, with a deadline of the end of March. However, the proposal to move the outpost to a nearby hilltop violates this court decision, by giving the settlers a 17-month extension. Peace Now’s Yariv Oppenheimer said the offer is “a way to ignore and violate the decision of the Supreme Court.”

Migron was stolen from Palestinian owners (a fact not disputed by the settlers), and this theft is rewarded with gifts of more Palestinian land, despite court rulings and violence.

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