Khader Adnan’s wife: My husband at death risk, may get heart failure

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Al Resalah – February 18 2012

Gaza,( ExclusiveAmong fears over life of her husband and hope to get his liberty for his case is the core of justice for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, Adnan’s wife lives.

The prominent leader in Islamic jihad movement , who has been in hunger strike in Israeli jail for more than 60 days till now, declared he will not suspend his strike till get justice to his case and all prisoners.

The Israeli military court held a hearing Thursday in ”zief” Israeli hospital in city of Safad , and postponed taking a decision in relation to the appeal filed by Adnan against the conduction of his administrative detention, which was issued by the Israeli military court. Adnan during the hearing stressed he is continuing his hunger strike till get liberated and have administrative detention against his cancelled.

Um Abraham, Adnan’s wife, told Alresalah paper about the moments of her husband abduction, saying ” my husband was kidnapped in 17, December 2011. At 3 am at dawn , we were shocked of Israeli soldiers storming our house. They kidnapped my husband . she added ” my husband detention was without any charge , even he was ordered four months in administrative detention under the pretext of secret file.”

between sparks of hope and pain of her husband detention , lives Um Abraham. she confirms he husband has the whole right to defend his liberty and dignity in spite of difficult circumstances her husband lives in Israeli jails.

Um Abraham noted that her husband has been detained nine time before, three time of which were with administrative detention.

The prisoner Adnan has called on all Palestinian people, human right institutions and the whole meant organization to support him and his justice case against occupation bad treatment and harassment against Palestinian prisoners.

Adnan’s wife said that she was shocked when she saw her husband after two months of hunger strike during a visit she paid to him in the Israeli hospital of ” zief”.

” I was deeply shocked as my husband has completely changed when I saw him. He lost over 42 kg of his weight. His health situation is deteriorating . even I did not believe he is my husband at first” continued Um Abdurrahman.

She added that despite the difficult situation Adnan lives , his voice was strong when he talked to her and his morals were strong too.

” he asked me about all members of our family and the situations outside , even small details ” she said.

She explained that her husband was lying on his bed and there were a large Quran copy beside him, adding that three Israeli policemen are shifting to watch him on daily basis.

Um Abdurrahman explained that her little two daughters, Ma’ali and Bisan , keep asking about their father since he was detained.

”one night , I heard Ma’ali crying over her dad . she was afraid she may lose him” she declared.

It’s noteworthy that some 80 Palestinian prisoners declared they are in a hunger strike in solidarity with Adnan.

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