Moussa: The peace treaty with Israel should be reconsidered

[ PIC 17/02/2012 – 09:06 AM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)– Amr Moussa, a likely candidate for the presidential elections in Egypt, said on Thursday that his country should reconsider some sides of its peace treaty with Israel.

Moussa, the former secretary-general of the Arab League, told the US magazine Foreign Policy that the peace agreement of 1979 almost expired and was not implemented as it should have been.

He added Egypt would be committed to its peace treaty with Israel as long as the latter was also committed to it.

The Egyptian leader stressed the need for reconsidering the treaty with Israel especially with regard to the security issue in the Sinai, noting that this treaty with its current form led to Egypt’s failure to impose its sovereignty over the Sinai and to fully secure its borders.

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