Airstrikes ‘injure toddler, damage school’ in Gaza


GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip early Sunday injured a one-year-old boy when his bedroom was hit by a missile, among five others wounded, and an elementary school sustained severe damage, locals told Ma’an.

A statement from the Israeli military said the missiles targeted a “weapon manufacturing site, and a terror activity site. Direct hits were confirmed.” The strikes hit the Gaza City’s Zaitoun neighborhood late Saturday, and Tuffah neighborhood Sunday morning.

Um Ilian al-Zaharna told Ma’an that moments before the missile struck her house, she heard bombing nearby and opened her childrens’ bedroom window so it wouldn’t shatter over them.

“As soon as I returned to bed an Israeli rocket hit the room next door and I was certain my baby was killed.”

One-year-old Muhammad had been thrown from the room, and her husband was buried in rubble where he was sleeping, she said.

The Zaharna family inspect damage to their home. (MaanImages)

“We are not associated with any factions. Is Mohammad a threat to Israeli security to be punished while he’s sleeping next to his father?” Um Ilian said.

Six Palestinians, including Muhammad, were injured in the airstrikes overnight. Shuhada elementary school in the city was also damaged by the bombing of al-Tuffah neighborhood.

Pupils return to Shuhada school despite the bombing overnight

Gaza’s Ministry of Education called for protection of education facilities and students, after classrooms and library were damaged.

Pupils came to school at Shuhada in Sunday morning despite the bombing. It is the fifth time this school has been damaged in Israeli attacks in the past three years, officials said.


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