Embassy blasts, recent Zionist bluff




Recent bomb attacks on the Israeli embassy staff in India, Georgia and Thailand has evoked mixed reactions from the media and the international community.

In the New Delhi attacks, an Israeli diplomat was injured when an embassy car exploded on Monday. The woman made it to the Israeli embassy, from where she was transferred to a nearby hospital. The Israeli ambassador to India was not hurt in the New Delhi attack.

In the second attack, a Georgian national working for the Israeli embassy in Tbilisi discovered a bomb underneath his car during his drive to the embassy. The bomb was defused before it exploded.

On Tuesday, a man hurled a grenade at Thai police and a cab. The attacker was injured seriously in the blast. Bangkok police say they have found Iranian identification documents on the maimed man.

Earlier in the day, a house rented by three men, who police say were Iranians, exploded when a cache of explosives went off by accident. Soon after that, there was a third blast on a nearby road, Thai police said.

The three explosions in Bangkok happened a day after the bomb attacks that targeted the Israeli embassy staff in India and Georgia. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran was behind the attacks. Within minutes of the attacks the Israeli Prime Minister claimed that Iran had orchestrated the attacks; this comes while India, Georgia and Thailand are still investigating the attacks.

Imam Ali (pbuh) says, “If matters get mixed up, scrutinize the cause and you will know what the effects will be.”

Since the last few months, the Israeli regime has repeatedly been embarrassed in the international media for its atrocities on the Palestinian citizens and Iran has been an open critic of this brutal regime. Iran has been one of the very few nations in the Middle East that opposes the imperialist policies of the hegemonic powers, be it the US, Britain or Israel. This naturally makes Iran the biggest threat to these tyrant regimes.

If Israel wants to continue its illegal occupation of Palestine; the US and Britain and other blood thirsty regimes want to continue killing innocent people in the Middle East and continue plundering their oil, they need Iran to keep quiet, be it through sanctions, false propagandas about Tehran’s peaceful nuclear programs, covert operations or even threats of war. Sadly for these bully regimes none of these options have worked, in fact they have proved to be counter-productive. Iran has witnessed tremendous growth and developments in different fields. Apart from tremendous financial developments, Tehran has broken new grounds in science which include launching its own satellite and its recent progress in nuclear technology.

If we analyze the events that have occurred in the last few days we can easily solve the Embassy blast puzzle. Washington, London, Tel Aviv and its allies have always supported each other in all their hostile acts against Tehran and have left no stone unturned in their efforts against it.

In the last few months, Washington has been increasing its military equipment and forces in the Persian Gulf. The oldest American aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise, is set to join two other US strike groups in the Persian Gulf by March. Obama has been busy arming his Persian Gulf allies in recent months, US arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Kuwait now stand at a staggering USD123 billion.

Apart from his activities in the Persian Gulf, on January 30 US President Barack Obama met with his Georgian counterpart Mikheil Saakashvili in the Oval Office at the White House for an unprecedented private meeting. In an article published on Stop NATO website, Rick Rozoff an anti-war and anti-interventionist, wrote that “though the details of the meeting were not divulged, there has been speculations that Obama summoned the ‘ambitious and erratic’ Georgian leader to Washington to propose ‘a quid pro quo’.”

The deal, the journalist said, involved the “use of Georgian territory for American attacks on Iran in exchange for the US exercising its not inconsiderable influence in Georgia – with a population of only 4.7 million the third largest recipient of American foreign aid – to assist in securing Saakashvili’s reelection in the next year’s presidential poll.”

After his meeting with Obama, Saakashvili also reportedly met US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, leading members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Central Intelligence Agency Director David Petraeus, and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta at the Pentagon.

Last week Georgian Defense Minister Bacho Akhalaia announced the forthcoming arrival of a delegation of American military experts, asserting that US-Georgia military relations were entering “an entirely new phase.” In addition, a member of Georgian opposition disclosed in January that the United States is financing the construction of facilities in Georgia to prepare the grounds for “a military conflict with Iran.” Washington’s charitable activities in Georgia include the construction of military hospitals, airdrome, and a military town for the US forces. In return for these generous acts, the Georgian soil will be used for an attack on Iran. It will be no surprise that Georgia will point fingers at Tehran and use this as an excuse to support the US and its allies.

New Delhi on its part has witnessed a lot of international lobbying in the recent days to scale down its oil imports from one of its oldest friends, Tehran. Despite the mounting international pressures and international sanctions India has sought to expand its ties with Iran. This certainly did not go down well for those who imposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic because if India does not bow down to the US, the EU and the Israeli muscle flexing, others too will follow the suit.

When none of their efforts yield any results, the arrogant powers have decided to create a wave of negative propaganda against the Islamic Republic and to create sympathy for the apartheid Zionist regime of Israel. With these false-flag operations, Israel and the US have planned to turn Iran’s friends into foes, create hatred towards this nation, cover-up their own atrocities against humanity and finally create grounds for an attack on Iran. The so-called advocates of democracy who oppose the Islamic Republic’s civilian nuclear program have been the biggest war criminals and violators of human rights. Despite the horrific acts it has committed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and many more nations, Washington calls Iran a terrorist nation and a threat to world peace and openly supports the Israel regime that has neither joined the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty nor agreed to let a single international body to inspect its nuclear facilities.

Israel and the US may imagine that the recent attacks are a blow to the Islamic Republic’s Image but as goes the saying, “Lying will not hide the truth but only delay it.”


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