Hamas: Israel targets Gaza to spoil reconciliation

Maan News Agency – February 19, 2012

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Hamas said Saturday that Israel was targeting the Gaza Strip to spoil burgeoning progress in a reconciliation deal with West Bank ruling faction Fatah, according to a spokesman from the movement.

Fawzi Barhoum told Ma’an Israel “is purposely trying to escalate the situation to confuse the Palestinian movement during a time where Palestinians are getting ready to implement the reconciliation, and to spoil the positive atmosphere after the Doha agreement.”

Gaza-rulers Hamas signed a deal with Fatah in the Qatari capital in early February to move forward their nine-month old reconciliation deal by appointing an interim cabinet headed by President Mahmoud Abbas.

On Saturday, the Israeli army said three Grad missiles exploded in southern Israel, after forces shelled Gaza east of Breij refugee camp late Friday.

Barhoum said that the appropriate reaction was to speed up in unity and a common national strategy to face threats to the Palestinian cause.

“Hamas is not the only faction responsible for resisting the occupation, Hamas along with the Palestinian Authority and all factions are obligated to support the Palestinian people and Gaza is part of that,” Barhoum said.

“The PA must take a serious position towards the continuous military escalation against Gaza,” he said.

“Resistance is a result of the oppression and is only intended to defend our people, land and holy sites.”

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