Israeli claims of democracy absurd


Contrary to its claims, the Zionist regime of Israel, which dispossesses the vast majority of Palestine’s original inhabitants, is the anti-thesis of a democratic society, an analyst tells Press TV.

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The situation in Gaza continues to worsen as the coastal strip’s main power plant remains without fuel.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza has warned the lives of more than 80 percent of hospital patients are at risk.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Ralph Schoenman, author of ‘The Hidden History of Zionism,’from Berkley, California to share his opinion on this issue. The following is a transcript of the interview:

Press TV: First of all, we have got years of siege by Israel on Gaza; no field to run hospitals on and the number of deaths of patients is rising. So how do you explain the situation in this part of the world?

Schoenman: Right, we know the Zionist state has maintained an effective blockade of Gaza, cutting it off from essential supplies, from food, from medicine and now destroying its capacity to sustain power which means power isn’t available for essential services like hospitals and doctors and operations and procedures and that is a sustained policy.

They escalated periodically, they are escalating it now, really in relation to their efforts to provoke a response from the part of Gaza and the Palestinian people, a response which is self defense so that they can employ the claim that Iran and Syria are promoting strife on Israel’s southern frontier.

All of this pursuit and persecution and destruction of Palestinian existence is geared to pertain to the larger agenda of war in the region, imperial plunder, and imperial war.

Specifically the prime minister of England and France have stated that they should coordinate the military effort in Syria and al-Thani the emir of Qatar has stated that thousands of arms should be supplied and coordinated in the overthrow of the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

And at the same time they talk about the provocations of Iran and they stage events which are designed to provide another pretext for escalating military attack upon Iran with respect to Palestine to which this is intimately linked under the cover of wider war.

The agenda of the Zionist state is to expel the Palestinian people, to make events on the ground, concentrate again their efforts to remove the Palestinian people not only from their land but from history.

These attacks on Gaza are cruel assault upon the survival capacity of the besieged people. They should be understood universally as crimes of war, war crimes as such but it is part of a larger sinister imperial agenda which must be resisted, it must be opposed, it must be stopped.

There must be solidarity with sovereign states that has nothing to do with the rights of people within those states to express their opinions.

Those are beside the point in this moment of time because the powers that attack these nations and their sovereignty like the Palestinians themselves have absolutely no interest in the rights of people and human rights, let alone the suffering that they create.

They have a war agenda and an imperial agenda that has been played out with great cruelty in every part of the region.

Press TV: Indeed and it is interesting that how can such a regime, the Israeli regime I mean, call itself a democracy?

Schoenman: Well the claims for democracy whether issued from the United States, in France, in Great Britain or from the Zionist state itself are fraud with hypocrisy and dishonesty.

The basic character of a colonial state is fundamental denial of rights of the people they have dispossessed and as we have discussed on Press TV all rights are defined in the Zionist state and the basis of ethnicity and religious affiliation.

No state that defines rights in terms of ethnicity and religious affiliation has anything in common with normal democratic practice. Rights flow from citizenship and if they don’t, rights are not there at all.

There is no remote semblance of democracy in a society which dispossesses the vast majority of its original inhabitants and subjugates them and exclusively retains rights for the concurrent populace with all privileges assigned to them. Nothing in common with democratic norms exist in such a practice. It’s the anti-thesis of it.

b>Press TV: Indeed, alright we’ll leave you there for the time being. Many thanks there to Ralph Schoenman, author of ‘The Hidden History of Zionism,’ from Berkley, California. Thanks for your time there, Sir.


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