Israeli Defense Forces Chief Reiterates Threat against Iran

Qatar News Agency Febr 19 2012

Occupied Jerusalem, February 19 (QNA) – Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff Benny Gantz has reiterated his threat against Iran on the importance of considering all options on the table regarding the Iranian nuclear issue.

Israel would make its own decision regarding a strike on Iran, added Gantz in interview excerpts broadcast by the National Israeli Broadcast Authority today.

The chief of staff’s statements were broadcast while National Security Advisor in the Obama Administration Tom Donilon arrived in Israel to initiate talks with senior officials on several issues including Iran.

Gantz explained, “Israel is the only guarantor of its own security. This is our mission as the army and Israel should defend itself”. He added that they should “follow developments in Iran and its nuclear program with a broad scope considering international actions, Iranian decisions, and what they should or should not do.”

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