Israeli Groups Call to Al-Aqsa Attack Today

Qatar News Agency
Article Date: 11:28 2012/02/19
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Occupied Jerusalem, February 19 (QNA) – A Jerusalem-based organization has uncovered a plan by Jewish groups to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque on Sunday in prelusion to building the “Third Temple” on the mosque”s ruins. According to a press statement by Al-Aqsa Endowments and Heritage Foundation, an Israel-based Islamic heritage watchdog, members of Israel”s ruling Likud Party claimed that the attack will take place.

“Unfortunately, despite all our warnings over the past weeks and months, Arab and Islamic states have not taken this cause seriously and now we are paying the price,” said Zaki Tawfiq, director of Al-Aqsa Foundation.

Right-wing Hebrew internet sites have called for thousands to take part alongside a delegation from Likud led by Moshe Feiglin. An extremist Israeli religious group called for a “collective intrusion” into the mosque, with the goal of asserting Israeli sovereignty.

Al-Aqsa Foundation said that the organizers are calling on “everyone to ascend the Temple Mount for the announcement by a sound leadership confirming total control over the mountain in order to cleanse the site of the enemies of Israel; the thieves of the land, and to construct the Temple on the ruins of the mosque.”

“The greatest threat facing Al-Aqsa Mosque is the provocative attempts by Israeli right-wing extremists to storm the mosque, which are growing by the number and frequency each week,” warned Azzam Khatib, director of the Jerusalem Awqaf Department. From his side, Jerusalem”s Grand Mufti, Ekrima Sabri had warned that two Jewish religious groups had announced their intentions to storm into Al-Aqsa today and next Tuesday.

He called on Muslim women to confront on of these groups which is female-based. Sabri praised efforts by Jerusalem”s 48” exodus Palestinians to confront renewed attempts by right-wing groups, including a recent one by the Likud Head. He also condemned Knesset calls for total control over the mosque, alerting against action towards holy sites. It is noteworthy that the Supreme Muslim Council and Islamic Awqaf Department in Jerusalem had previously issued a joint release urging worshippers to decamp to Al-Aqsa. The release warned against attacks and held Israeli authorities accountable for impinging upon its sanctity.

Palestinian activists had reported that Israeli officials began this month initial work on the so-called “Biblical Gardens” project, a series of nine gardens extending from the Arab neighborhood of Silwan towards the southeast corner of the mosque and from Bab Al Amoud Gate to the north of the Old City. (QNA) AMA/D T/LY

Footage: Al-Aqsa Assault – February 19, 2012 – Photography

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