No to uprooting in the Negev – Petition by AVAAZ

Update: 19 February 2012
The pressure is working – the government postponed the deadline for public objections till 18/3/12. We won some time, now we need to win the whole campaign! Send your objection directly to Minister Begin’s inbox:
Posted: 13 February 2012
We only have 4 days to stop a government bill that would drive over 30 thousand Bedouins from their homesand confiscate their land in the Negev.The Bedouin community is fighting this disgraceful discrimination, but they need our help. Here’s our chance — the government has set up a public consultation on the plan — if we flood it with opposition we can halt this shameful marginalization.

We have to act fast — the government only allows submissions until the end of this week. Let’s stand with our Bedouin sisters and brothers now and inundate the system with our rejection of the plan. Use the form on the right to submit your public comment directly to Minister Begin and forward this to everyone you know:

Click here to sign & share the petition at AVAAZ

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