PLO Rejects UNRWA’s Reduction of Services Policy

WAFA FEBR 19 2012

GAZA, February 19, 2012 (WAFA) – Zakaria al-Agha, the head of PLO’s Department for Refugee Affairs, Sunday in a statement rejected UNRWA’s policy to cut services provided for Palestinian refugees to close the organization’s budget deficit.

Al-Agha said UNRWA halted payment of complementary-support allowances to families below poverty line and halted payment of compensatory financial aid that covers the basic food needs of 108.000 of the poorest refugees in Gaza.

“UNRWA’s policy of reducing services provided to Palestinian refugees is absolutely rejected and is not the solution to the organization’s financial crisis; the policy will have negative repercussions on the livelihood of Palestinians in refugee camps,” he added.

Al-Agha called on the donor countries to uphold their responsibilities and financial obligations towards UNRWA in order to solve its current financial crisis and close its fiscal deficit.


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