Israeli Settlers Vandalize Jerusalem

Qatar News Agency
Article Date: 11:57 2012/02/20
Article ID: 0030

Occupied Jerusalem, February 20 (QNA) – Israeli extremist settlers have vandalized church walls in occupied Jerusalem writing anti-Christianity slogans, while others drove caravans into Al-Khalil to attack Palestinians.

According to the Israeli daily (Yediot Ahronoth), the settlers drew racist slogans against Christianity on three vehicles as well in Wadi al-Salib, south occupied Jerusalem. The paper indicated that Israeli police are conducting investigations in search for the assailants. Such behavior is not uncommon among settlers who write anti-Arab and anti-Muslim slogans on mosques and properties allover Jerusalem.

They also engage in attacks targeting Palestinian properties and holy sites at the occupied West Bank. Similarly, Kiryat Arba settlers drove caravans targeting Palestinians in Al-Khalil. On another note, a group of settlers from Tel Rumeida in Al-Khalil attacked Knesset MP Hanin El-Zoghbi during her participation in the third national “Shedy Helek Ya Balad” (Hang in there my country) campaign, aimed at re-opening the “Shohadaa” street.

El-Zoghbi had said that the Palestinian fight against the occupation, repression, and identity distortion was unified. She added “we will never normalize with the occupation and give up our right to resistance. Israeli policies will never break our struggle, but will is no less important that a clear political resistance vision.” (QNA) D T/LY

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