We are all Khader Adnan – By Khalid Amayreh

PIC 19/02/2012 – 11:32 PM  – By Khalid Amayreh

Like numerous other Palestinians, Khadr Adnan epitomizes the Palestinian people’s struggle for justice and freedom from the virulently evil Zionist regime that is constantly seeking to emulate and perfect every Nazi crime committed by the Third Reich.

Adnan has been on hunger strike for 64 days and there are real fears that his seriously debilitated body might succumb to death at any moment. According to his wife who visited him a few days ago, he lost as much as half his body weight. His spirit is high but his body is dying, she said.

Adnan is not trying to commit suicide or imitate famous hunger-strikers and fighters for freedom, such as the Irish activist Bobby Sand, who maintained an extended hunger strike lasting for.

The Palestinian Bobby Sand (we say this hoping that he will live and triumph over his tormentors) is protesting the notoriously evil chapter in the Israeli book of occupation: the haphazard imprisonment of Palestinian activists for months and years without charge or trial.

This open-ended captivity, which has targeted thousands of Palestinians, is a sword of terror drawn against Palestinians who peacefully and innocuously resist the Israeli occupiers of their country and persecutors of their people.

It represents one of the most sinister and scandalous forms of oppression meted out to a helpless people languishing under the military occupation of an evil but powerful state, backed by even more powerful states, especially in the West where guilty conscience over the holocaust and centuries of Christian anti-Semitism made Europe and North America resort to silence and acquiescence over Israel’s Nazi-like treatment the Palestinian people.

In a certain sense, Khadr Adnan is treading on a sensitive nerve as far as Palestinian suffering is concerned. This explains the massive solidarity with him and his family. The people, in cities, villages, and refugee camps, both at home and in the Diaspora, are identifying with him because he is echoing and reflecting their own grievances and sense of justice.

His helplessness echoes the people’s helplessness in the face of a callous-minded racist regime which thinks that the lives of non-Jews are expendable and have no sanctity. But his moral courage, heroism and exemplary willingness to sacrifice his own soul for the freedom of his people also echoes the resilience and enduring vigor of his people who have survived many decades of Nazi-like oppression and plots to make it vanish from the face of earth.

I don’t know for sure if Khadr Adnan will survive this macabre struggle against his powerful and inhumane Jewish tormentors. However, experience taught us the hard way not to entrust Israeli sadism and cannibalistic instincts to uphold human values and ideals.

When trying to justify this form of pornographic justice, Israeli spokespersons and officials would claim that people like Adnan are “terrorists.” Terror is the eternal but mendacious mantra the emulators of the Nazis usually invoke in order to justify their evil behavior.

Well, if he were indeed a terrorist, why wouldn’t they prosecute him before a respectable court of law?

The truth, however, is that Khadr and the numerous other Palestinians who are punished with administrative detention are actually innocent people. Such people wouldn’t be arrested or jailed for a single day in any truly democratic country because a person is innocent until proven guilty.

But Israel is not a truly democratic country, especially for millions of non-Jewish citizens and subjects, often viewed by Talmudic Judaism as sub-humans or as water carriers and wood hewers.

Let no person think that we are indulging in hyperboles and exaggerations. There is no justice for non-Jews in Israel and the occupied territories, regardless of the unending babbling and barking coming from the shipyard dogs of Jewish hasbara and pliant media in Europe and North America . Besides, has anyone heard of a person in Britain or France or Germany imprisoned without charge or trial for more than ten years as is the case in Israel ?

Open-ended captivity outside the rule of law is the worst kind of incarceration that one can think of because the victim doesn’t know why he or she is being in jail away from his family, or when he or she will be released, or indeed, whether they will be rearrested as soon as they are released.

The Israeli intelligence is notorious for its misuse and abuse of its authority, especially in dealing with Palestinians. This happens with the knowledge, acquiescence and connivance of Israel ‘s judicial system, now infiltrated by hard-core Talmudic racists who don’t attach any human dignity to non-Jews.

For example, the prison authorities would try to maximize a prisoner’s mental pain and anguish by telling the prisoner that he is about to be released and that he could leave the prison after finishing due procedures. However, as the prisoner leaves the outer gate of the prison compound, a new arrest order is issued against him and he is returned rather unceremoniously to his prison cell.

This inhumane behavior is done with many prisoners so much so that prisoners have invented ways and exercises to prepare themselves mentally to face the worst scenarios once they are told they would be released.

In other instants, a prisoner who is released to his home, say after spending six or seven years of imprisonment without charge or trial, is rearrested a few days later for the purpose of spoiling the feelings of his family.

This happened recently with Ayed Dudin, a staff nurse who hails from a village near Hebron , who was brutally rearrested only a few days after he was released from a six-year administrative detention.

I met Dudin shortly after his release and he told me that had the Europeans and Americans known about the joke of the rule of law in Israel , they probably would have changed their minds about Israel .

I didn’t agree with him. I argued that it was unlikely that they didn’t know. They knew well that Israel was a racist and criminal country from head to toe but they didn’t have the political will or moral courage to call the spade a spade.

Once again, the policy of administrative detention is not an anomaly in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. It has become an established extrajudicial policy aimed at tormenting and persecuting mainly Palestinian activists and leaders. This policy stands out as symptomatic of a criminal occupation regime seeking the expulsion of the native Palestinians from their ancestral homeland.

Israel realizes that it can’t just put six million Palestinians on buses or trucks and deport them to the desert. Hence, the sleek way to get the Palestinians to leave their land, in order to make room for the Master Race or Chosen People is by making their daily life unbearable so much so that they will be forced to leave on their own volition.

We are essentially talking about the same tactics used against Jews in various parts of Europe for the purpose of driving them away. As to why Jews are employing virtually the same tactics (once used against them) against the helpless Palestinians is a question for Jews to dote upon.

One of the main axioms that law students everywhere, including Israel , are taught is that a person is innocent until proven guilty. However, the same law students and their professors realize too well that this is not the way Israel is treating millions of Palestinians whose only “guilt” is being their non-membership in the exclusively Jewish tribal club.

It is probably futile and too late to appeal to a Zionist sense of justice. Those people can’t be imagined to possess a sense of Justice; otherwise they wouldn’t be doing what they are doing.

This is why, the elimination of this nefarious regime must be a strategic priority not only for the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims and their friends around the globe, but for the entire humanity as well.

Israel can’t be reformed, corrected and made more just. It will have to be obliterated and replaced by a just and morally-guided regime.

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