Do you believe in Israel’s soi-disant judicial system?

Febr 21, 2o12

Today with a lot of bravoure Al-Jazeera announced the rumour of release of Khader Adnan. Khader Adnan would not be the first and definitly not be the last administrative detainee undergoing this same sharade by Israel’s so called judiciary. Although the “deal”  to  release him after serving the original illegal sentence (without initial charges) ergo halting his hungerstrike (which is actually was not confirmed yet completely by Khader Adnan’s lawyers at all)  many if not most “prisoners” undergo the same fate ending with a “deal” and in the mean while serving their whole illegal sentence. ( if not longer )

YNet already says it:

Ynet is calling Khader Adnan a “terrorist”

But Israel could not charge him in the past 2 months since December 17, 2011 when he was arrested without charges.

“Keeping him in illegal administrative detention til mid April”

Keeps the detention illegal according to International Law

“Unless significant new evidence produced”

The soi-disant judiciary and democracy Israel which has not been able with all it’s intelligence to produce charges until now, while it’s propganda machine proclaims new evidence may be produced. Exactly what it does generally, produce evidence itself, to coerce or to torture a person. But without this, the zionist system abused, tortured, humiliated Khader already, did not coerce anything and yet he stays illegally in prison.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Article 9

“No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.”

Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Article 10.

“Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.”

According to International law and Human Rights, anyone has the right to a fair trial.
Any normal country can not even detain people without charges, yet Israel keeps about 309 people in administrative detention.

But Khader was not even charged at all and should not be in any custody at all for belonging to an organisation in which he is not proven to be a combatant nor any evidence pointing in that very direction which is a violation of Human Right Article 20.

Human Rights Not Valid in Palestine

More information about Human Rights of which Palestinians and especially detained prisoners are completely deprived if not violated in the worst way imaginable in the first place can be found here

Order your Free information kit about Human Rights here

This is why you should act!

Do not follow media and especially no Israeli tabloids preaching up to a self-forfilling prophecy, act! Follow Addameer for reliable information and help them with their campaigns to release all Prisoners at Risk and immediately Stop Administrative Detention.

Get your activists toolkit

Click here to view the Stop Administrative Detention campaign‘s Activist Toolkit, which includes posters, stickers and a Powerpoint presentation.

Sign Amnesty International’s Petition

Give your voice to Amnesty International’s demands to end administrative detention by Israel

More Information about Khader Adnan

To view all (over 127) posts about Khader Adnan collected on this weblog – Click here

Don’t let him (and the other 308) down

Keep the campaigns going. While Israel is undertaking it’s malpractices for decades with complicity of world’s silenced agreement, main stream media is fooling the world around, the social media campaigns and activists have proven to be able to make a change. Some media act appalled but this facade of ignorance exposes their bad journalism. The successful wide scale exposure of Israel’s illegal detention methods are going on for over 60 years now and shoudl have been questioned especially by media long time ago.

So be the change!

  • Order your free human rights kit
  • Get your activist tool box
  • Sign the petitions
  • Share this post
  • And keep making noise until the world has understood the real meaning of Israel’s violations of ( Human) Rights

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