European groups meet in London to arrange for global march to J’lem

[PIC  21/02/2012 – 08:39 AM ]

LONDON, (PIC)– Pro-Palestinian organizations from different European countries intend to hold a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the arrangements to be made for the global march towards occupied Jerusalem, which will take place on the 36th anniversary of the Palestinian land day.

Representatives of these organizations will come to London from Britain, Germany, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands to prepare for this communal march which will be organized inside the occupied Palestinian territories and its neighboring countries.

The participants in this march will try to reach the Aqsa Mosque or the nearest possible point in the Palestinian-Arab border areas.

Sarah Colborne, the executive director of Palestine solidarity campaign, said the global march to Jerusalem would take place to protest the Judaization, apartheid and ethnic cleansing crimes committed by Israel against Jerusalem and its people in particular and against Palestinians in the occupied territories in general.

Calborne added the British organizers of the march decided to hold a massive rally outside the Israeli embassy in London on the same day of the global march.

For its part, Hafez Karmi, the head of the Palestinian forum in Britain, said in a recent press release that it is no longer possible to tolerate Israel’s practices against the Palestinians and the time has come for serious popular moves to curb Israel.

Karmi noted that a large number of British dignitaries and head of Arab and Muslim communities support the global march to Jerusalem and would participate in the protest outside the Israeli embassy in London.

National committee for the global march to Jerusalem were formed in occupied Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, South Africa, the Arab Maghreb states, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, America, Iran, India, and other countries.

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