Gaza suffers from electricity shutdown

The Gaza Strip has been struggling with blackouts of up to 18 hours a day for several days.

Gaza’s sole power generating plant stopped working last Tuesday when Egypt blocked the flow of diesel fuel through underground tunnels.

The Israeli blockade and now Egypt’s refusal to allow fuel into the blockaded territory despite appeals by Palestinian officials is adding to the severity of the crisis.

As a result of the blackout, Gaza hospitals have been running on emergency generators which consume twenty thousand liters of fuel per day.

Fuel for the generators has almost depleted putting the life of patients on life support, premature children and those who require kidney dialysis at grave risk.

Long blackouts in the entire impoverished territory are badly affecting the provision of essential services, including water supply and sewage disposal.

Civil society organizations say the situation is catastrophic.

In recent days Egyptian officials have promised to supply Gaza’s only power plant with the badly needed fuel but up until now none of that fuel has been forthcoming.

Palestinians in the blockaded Gaza Strip have been struggling with long hours of power outages; they are now anxiously waiting to see how the international community would help to end this condition.

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