Hamas: Committed to Doha deal, but needs amendment



BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Senior Hamas leader Khalil al-Hayyah said Monday that the Islamist movement is committed to the Doha agreement, but still disputes President Abbas’ dual role of prime minister.

“Make it lawful, as Abbas can’t be president and prime minister according to the law,” al-Hayyah told Ma’an.

The senior Hamas figure also quashed rumors that a meeting had been convened to address internal disputes.

“It was not an official meeting, but rather a meeting between Khalid Mashaal and Hamas’ delegation to prepare for the upcoming meeting between Abbas and Mashaal Thursday to address details of the Doha agreement.”

“Nobody in Hamas has announced refusal to the Doha agreement, and Zahhar’s remarks were misrepresented and overstated. Mashaal discussed the details with Abu Mazen in Doha, and Hamas is officially committed to it,” added Al-Hayyah.

The new government will be tasked with preparing for elections, reconstructing the Gaza Strip, ending the blockade, and restructuring security arrangements, the Hamas official said.

When asked by Ma’an why the elections commission in Gaza had not been allowed to register voters, al-Hayyah responded by saying that Hamas supporters in the West Bank still face multiple restrictions.

“Can Hamas supporters in the West Bank live freely and go to the polls freely? The answer is no. Further, Fatah claims its supporters in Gaza are facing similar conditions, so elections are not possible.”

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