Journalist Amin Abu Warda to Ofer Military Prison


PNN FEB 20 2012

On Monday, the Israeli forces transferred journalist Amin Abu Warda to Ofer Israeli military prison west of Ramallah, north of the West Bank, without giving justification behind the transfer.

The transference of Abu Warda, who was detained two months ago in Negev desert prison, coincides with a session that was supposed to be held on Monday at Ofer Military prison to install the sentence that was issued against Abu Warda, who has been ordered five months in administrative detention.

The Israeli forces arrested the journalist Abu Warda two months ago from his house in Jerusalem Street, East of Nablus.

Abu Warda, father of five, is considered to be an expert in social media; he works as a journalist for the PNN, the Emirates Gulf newspaper, and prior to his arrest, was studying his PHD in Malaysia.

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Some examples of Israel’s policies to crackdown on PRESS & journalists to prevent you SEE TRUTHabout Palestine

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