Hamas hold Israel fully responsible for any act against Aqsa Mosque

[ PIC 22/02/2012 – 10:59 AM ]

DAMASUCS, (PIC)– The Hamas Movement held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the consequences of its persistent support and protection for its Jewish extremists who escalated recently their break-ins at the Aqsa Mosque.

“As we strongly denounce these flagrant break-ins, we also salute our people who remained steadfast inside the Aqsa Mosque and we call upon our Palestinian people to travel to the Mosque and post themselves there to fend off any break-in or attack,” Hamas stated in a press release on Tuesday.

For its part, the assembly of Palestinian scholars abroad warned the Israeli occupation state of strong reactions threatening its existence if any harm was inflicted upon the Aqsa Mosque.

“We warn the Israeli occupation that if anything happened to the holy Aqsa Mosque, it would be the spark that would prompt the Arab and Muslim masses to start marching towards Jerusalem and liberate from the profanity of the Zionists and purify it from the occupation and its lackeys,” the assembly emphasized in a press release on Tuesday.

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More Information about Al-Aqsa Under Threats (PDF)

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