Haneyya: Radical steps to be taken to solve Gaza power crisis

[ PIC 22/02/2012 – 01:15 PM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)– Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya said the problem of electricity in Gaza would be solved radically through certain mechanisms agreed upon with the Egyptian side.

Premier Haneyya also discussed on Tuesday over the phone with head of the Islamic development bank some important issues especially with regard to the power crisis in Gaza.

Spokesman for the Palestinian government Taher Al-Nunu also affirmed that there are positive signs to solve the power crisis in Gaza in light of the intensive talks between premier Haneyya and Egyptian officials in Cairo.

For his part, Egyptian minister of electricity Hasan Younus stated yesterday that his country would supply Gaza with 22 megawatts of electricity as of next week, according to Middle East news agency-Mena.

In a related incident, the authority of energy and natural resources in Gaza strongly denounced Omar Kattana, the head of the Fatah-controlled energy authority in Ramallah, for threatening to ax employees and officials in Gaza from their jobs if they went to Egypt to solve Gaza power crisis.

“Kattana’s threats were shocking and reprehensible in light of the growing hopes of signing an agreement to feed the Gaza Strip with Egyptian fuel and power,” the Gaza energy authority stated in a press release on Tuesday.

Palestinian authority power official Kattana threatened senior employs working for the authority of energy and natural resources in Gaza to take deterrent measures against them and fire them from their jobs if they helped Haneyya’s government end the power crisis in Gaza.

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