Israelis attack LSE pro-Palestine demo in London

PRESS TV FEB 21 2011

Israel society members at the London School of Economics (LSE) have attacked the LSESU Palestine Society protesters, who were re-enacting an Israeli checkpoint to show the daily suffering of the Palestinians.

Launching Israeli Apartheid Week, the Palestine Society held a peaceful “mock checkpoint” outside St. Clements House on Houghton Street on Monday, to inform the LSE students about the dire conditions of the Palestinian in the occupied West Bank.

Only an hour after the peaceful protest, members of the Israel society attacked the protesters with water bombs and even punched anti-Israel protesters in the face.

LSESU Palestine Society issued a statement condemning the attacks stressing the reaction of the members of Israel society was “unjustifiable,” as the re-enactment was completely peaceful.

The action presented “a threat to the wellbeing of our society members who were peacefully re-enacting the daily struggles of Palestinian people. This incident shows the victimization of peaceful protesters who were simply trying to draw attention to the cause of the Palestinian people,” the statement read.

The checkpoint was designed to demonstrate what is going on every day in the West Bank. And the fact that the Palestinians are stopped and arrested at Israeli checkpoints, while the Israeli settlers can easily pass the checkpoints without being mistreated.

The pro-Palestinian students wished to inform other students what it could mean to live under military occupation, to live subjected to a false policy derived from ethno-religious discrimination. And to highlight the difficulty of the Palestinians who should wait for hours at the Israeli checkpoints and most of the times had to return simply because they are not Jewish.

Rafeef Ziyadeh, from the London organizing committee of Israeli Apartheid Week, considered the attack as usual intimidation from Zionist groups. “It’s not going stop this year’s Israeli Apartheid Week, which is set to be the biggest one yet. We call on London students to come out and attend our week of events and not let Israel’s apologists provoke or intimidate them.”


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