Top 450 Palestine News of the Occupied Palestine weblog


  1. Israelis celebrate death of Palestinian children killed in accident (incl video)
  2. A Must Read – Khader Adnan’s letter from his prison
  3. Palestinians Foil Settlers Attack On Al-Aqsa Mosque
  4. Bus and children devoured by fire in Al-Quds – in pictures
  5. Al-Aqsa Assault – February 19, 2012 – Photography & Video
  6. The New Abu Ghraib – in pictures
  7. Images | الصور
  8. وكـالــة مـعـا الاخباريـة: العربي يعلن عن فتح معبر رفح بصورة دائمة خلال عشرة ايام
  9. For no electricity in Gaza: 80% of patients at death risk
  10. A Disaster in Gaza – Photography
  13. Anti-colonial heroes: Khader Adnan & Mahatma Ghandi – Palestine ~ by @CarlosLatuff
  14. Gaza’s Ministry of Health to declare state of emergency – in pictures
  15. Children of Palestine – in pictures
  16. ‘Death to Christianity’ written on Jerusalem church
  17. Fire devours bus and Children inside it – بالفيديو- مشاهد قاسية.. النار تلتهم الحافلة والاطفال بداخلها – video
  18.  Al Jazeera spreads Rumour Israel is about to free Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan (LIVE UPDATES)
  19.  AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Israeli decision to release Palestinian detainee Khader Adnan in April ‘insufficient’
  20.  Threat of 3rd intifada, says UN Rapporteur about Khader Adnan hunger strike
  21.  Israel’s Weapons a Crime on Humanity
  22.  Egyptians Urged for Action as Khader Adnan Nears Death
  23.  Daily News | آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
  24.  How To make a Tear Gas Mask | HOWTO Protection at Protest
  25.  We are all Khader Adnan – By Khalid Amayreh
  26.  iRemember | الشهداء
  27.  Hebron resident hailed a hero after saving children from burning bus
  28. Collision between bus transporting Palestinian children, truck in north Jerusalem: 8 dead
  29. #KhaderExists : Khader Adnan needs your help
  30. The History of the Palestinian Captive Movement Hunger Strike and the Story of Khader Adnan
  31. ‘Tears of Gaza’ – The Movie
  32. Khader Adnan’s wife: My husband at death risk, may get heart failure
  33. Israeli forces clash with Palestinians at Al-Aqsa
  34. Extremists Vandalize Church in Jerusalem – Photography
  35. Israel Attack on Gaza on February 19, 2012 – Photography
  36. Existence is Resistance!
  37. A Million Stories about the Zionist Rape of This World – in pictures
  38. Maps of Palestine
  39. The Khader Adnan Hunger Strike in Context
  40. Palestinian activist to judge: I do not recognize your rules
  41. Valley Of The Wolves Palestine 2011 (English Subtitles) – Full Movie
  42. Khader Adnan footage from inside the hospital – Democracy Now – video
  43. UFree: Israeli doctors conceal torture incidents in Israeli jails
  44. Anonymous Message To The State of Israel – video
  45. Falk appeals to Israel to let go of hunger striker #KhaderAdnan
  47. Israeli Groups Call to Al-Aqsa Attack Today
  48. Jewish settlers and policemen defile Aqsa Mosque, clash with Muslim worshipers
  49. Zionist Crimes Against Christianity
  50. وكالة فلسطين اليوم الإخبارية – الفلسطينية ‘أم شفيق’ تضع اللمسات الأخيرة على أكبر صينية مصنوعة من القش – in pictures
  51. Israel gives ‘price tag’ youth a new West Bank hilltop
  52. “Saving Khader Adnan’s life is saving our own soul” by Richard Falk
  53. وكـالــة مـعـا الاخباريـة: في يوم “الاستقلال”.. أطفال ورضّع اسرائيل خلف المدافع والرشاشات!| “Indepedance”: Israel’s Children & Babies behind Machineguns
  54. Gaza Under Attack – Part 1 – in pictures
  55. Israel attempts to divide all by “politics” – Uniting the nation of Palestine by detaining #KhaderAdnan – Photography
  56. The Obfuscation of the Two-State Solution – You Can’t Get There From Here – by Jeff Halper
  57. Ten children killed in appalling traffic accident
  58. Christians in Palestine – in pictures
  59. Solidarity with Khader Adnan – February 21 2012 – Photography
  60. Palestine Has to Be More Flexible… H(ill)ary says!
  61. Israel unable to fight war with Iran
  62. If #KhaderAdnan was a Jewish terrorist, he might be free ~ by Max Blumenthal
  63. Randa Adnan: ‘I still have hope’
  64. Israeli Settler Violence – in pictures
  65. Israeli claims of democracy absurd
  66. Israel authorities to allow forced “treatment” of hunger striker Khader Adnan as High Court to hear case
  67.  Arab League: Israel’s moves against the Aqsa Mosque threaten the world’s peace
  68. Video – Message from artist taxi driver Mark McGowan for Khader Adnan
  69. Detained Hamas commander Hassan Salame goes on hunger strikes
  70. Gaza nearing total blackout, Oxfam quote and Weekly Gaza Update
  71. Gaza Under Israeli Attack – Febr 11, 2012 – in pictures
  72. Bobby Sands’ spokesman, close friend calls on Israel to immediately release Khader Adnan
  73. Israeli Massacres on Palestinians
  74. Palestinians Warn Against Another Al-Aqsa Massacre
  75. Israeli forces attack Palestinian worshippers, close al-Aqsa
  76. ATTENTION – Sharon’s Al-Aqsa Invasion Take-2? – Al Aqsa Masjid under threat!
  77. Israeli army destroys West Bank well restored by Polish charity – Israeli envoy summoned by Warsaw
  78. Hamas media: Egypt to pump fuel to Gaza
  79. When Netanyahu Crossed the Line
  80. Randa Adnan: ‘If you knew my husband…’
  81. Israeli Attacks Palestinians in Gaza, Clashes in Jerusalem
  82. The First Intifada | انتفاضة – in pictures
  83. #KhaderAdnan | Starving for 61 Days: Palestinian Surpasses Biblical 40 Day-Fast
  84. Mothers of Palestine | فلسطين
  85. U.S. foreign Policy encourages Oppression
  86. Occupation 101 – Full Movie High-Definition
  87. Thou Shalt Not Kill (Thyself) – by Uri Averny
  88. Haneyya: Diplomatic moves being made to have hunger striker Adnan released
  89. Palestinian Prisoners
  90. Jewish settlers storm Aqsa under police protection
  91. Heartwrenching. Moussa 72-yr old Father of Khader Adnan keeps fighting for his son. Will you fight too? – Photography
  92. A Must Read ~ Khader Adnan: 60 Days of Legendary Steadfastness ~ by @Palaestina
  93. Children of Palestine
  94. Videos | فيديو
  95. Christmas in Palestine 2011 – in pictures
  96. Israel behind blast scenario in Thailand: Iran envoy
  97. Hebron: At least 10 children arrested by Israeli military in one week – video how Israel treats 11 yr olds
  98. #KhaderAdnan | Gaza protesters ‘write Adnan’s name in blood’
  99. #KhaderAdnan: UN rapporteur Richard Falk condemns this ‘state barbarism’
  100. Specter of Third Intifada Looms in Light of Palestinian Hunger Striker
  101. Swedish politician urges country to recognize Palestine
  102. Thousands rally for Khader Adnan
  103. US, Israel behind Iranophobia in Middle East
  104. Children of Wadi Hilweh play in bulldozed playground ~ in pictures
  105. Hague warns Israel against military action on Iran
  106. With surgical precision Israel shot Mustafa Tamimi & deliberately delayed medical aid – Overview
  108. EU, France Concerned over Health of Striking Prisoner
  109. The Carter Center Calls on Israel to Release Hunger Striker Khader Adnan
  110. Khader Adnan – Detainees society confirms Khader Adnan alive
  111. Israeli Settler Terrorism: Savage colonists torch car & write racist slogans – in pictures
  112. Palestinian School Bus Victims Recount Terror of Crash
  113. IOF invade north of Gaza, bomb east of Bureij camp
  114. Action Alert ▶ Gaza Hope
  115. Worshippers Injured, Arrested in Clashes in Al-Aqsa Compound
  116. Palestinians rally in support of Khader Adnan – video
  117. Thirsting for Justice calls for flash mobs for Palestinian water rights on World Water Day – March 22, 2012 – video
  118. #KhaderAdnan | Standing in solidarity with Khader Adnan
  119. Several people injured in clashes in Al-Aqsa Mosque
  120. Settler Violence
  121. IOF soldiers arrest liberated young woman, interrogate MPs
  122. TORTURE – Israeli occupation soldiers break the legs of Palestinian minor
  123. Meet the New York Times’ New Israel-Palestine News Chief
  124. Old Palestinian man in front of his house demolished by Israel today – in pictures
  125. Gaza Under Attack – Dec 2011 – in pictures
  126. From Muhammad Bouazizi to Khadr Adnan, oppressors know that their days are numbered
  127. BBC hikes up Zionist propaganda machine
  128. Israeli court moves forward Adnan hearing
  129. Washing Your Hands of Khader Adnan: My response to weasel words of EU’s Catherine Ashton – by Ali Abunimah
  130. Detainees In Israeli Ramon Prison Punished For Protesting Abuse
  131. Palestinian Al-Haq human rights activist barred from attending UN meeting
  132. Clashes Erupt at Al-Aqsa Mosque
  133. Physicians for Human Rights Israel calls on Israel to Stop Administrative Detentions
  134. Israel. Not looking for Peace. Nor Talks. But this…
  135. Video – 2012-02-15 – Israeli Army demolishes in the Palestininan villages of Saadet Tha’lah and Ar Rakeez
  136. ACTION ALERT ▶ Randa Adnan: The world must intervene to save my husband
  137. Barghouthi: Israel responsible for Adnan’s life
  138. Knesset member Tibi visits Khader Adnan in Israeli hospital
  139. When Israeli Settlers Attack: A Video Report by @YousefMunayyer
  140. Hamas condemns Israeli desecration of Islamic, Christian shrines
  141. Azhar Condemns Jewish Extremists Storming of Al-Aqsa
  142. A few weasel words from EU as Khader Adnan nears death ~ by @intifada
  143. Khader Adnan | THEY WANT US TO BE SILENT-Torture and Administrative Detention – video
  144. #KhaderAdnan | Activities in solidarity with hunger strike prisoner, Khader Adnan, continue
  145. Family of hunger striking prisoner Khader Adnan pay visit to hospital
  146. Sheikh Qaradawi urges Arab nation to defend Aqsa Mosque
  147. Child dies from injuries after school bus crash
  148. EU boycotts Iran oil under Israeli pressure
  149. Living conditions of Palestinian refugees worse than believed – study
  150. Palestinians Not Allowed into Al-Aqsa or Al-Quds City
  151. Israeli airstrikes injure 6 in the Gaza Strip
  152. Palestine: a story that needs retelling – By Paul J. Balles
  153. Tragedy looms as Gaza blackout continues, Egypt to pump fuel into power station
  154. Jordan Is Not Palestine, Neither Is Qatar
  155. #KhaderAdnan | Wife says health of Khader Adnan worsening
  156. The Last Friday of Ramadan ~ Laylat Al Qadr in Palestine – in pictures
  157. Palestinian diplomat killed in Abu Dhabi car crash
  158. USACBI: Scholars in solidarity with Khader Adnan (please add your name)
  159. Fayyad forms committee to investigate Jaba crash
  160. 15-year-old boy Khalil Hasasneh killed by truck in Bethlehem village
  161. Palestinian prisoner #KhaderAdnan close to death
  162. Israel to decide on its own about Iran attack: Israeli army chief
  163. Airstrikes ‘injure toddler, damage school’ in Gaza
  164. #KhaderAdnan | Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan ‘near death’ in Israeli detention
  165. Khader Adnan, the Palestinian hunger-striker who’s forcing the world to notice him
  166. Israeli occupation of Palestine is a crime against humanity
  167. Jewish female extremists declare intent to defile Aqsa Mosque this morning
  168. Former Prisoner’s Wife Miscarried as IOF Stormed Her House in Salem Village near Nablus
  169. European Union delegation visits Wadi Hilweh
  170. Action Alert – Release British Journalist Held by Israel
  171. IPSC Solidarity Vigil For Hunger Striker Khader Adnan in Dublin Ireland – video
  172. Refugees of Palestine – in pictures
  173. CNN: Palestinian’s hunger strike puts spotlight on Israeli detentions
  174. Prisoner Khader Adnan on Hunger Strike Tied to his Hospital Bed, says Group
  175. Jewish settlers profane Baptist church of W. J’lem, insult Prophet Jesus
  176. Abolishing the Palestinian Authority an urgent prerequisite to liberation – by Jeff Halper
  177. Deliberate Harassment & Avoidable Death of Pregnant Women & Unborn at Israeli Checkpoints – incl videos
  178. #Israel’s new “witchhunt” – Hamas Slams Israeli Attacks Against Elected MP’s
  179. Map of “Greater Israel” Published by Radical Settler Movement
  180. Four Palestinians injured in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza
  181. Gaza Gripped by Crisis – by Stephen Lendman
  182. Israeli forces arrest child amidst clashes in Silwan
  183. Friends of Palestine Belfast in solidarity with Khader Adnan – Palestinian Hunger Striker – video
  184. Gaza’s energy crisis threatens hospitals, water supply
  185. Torture in Palestine: a glimpse into Israel’s history of unrivalled cruelty
  186. Palestinian journalists under pressure
  187. Despite the Announcement of a Deal Limiting Khader Adnan’s Detention, Addameer Reiterates its Urgent Concern for His Health
  188. Egypt to provide badly needed electricity to Gaza
  189. Presbyterians Consider Divesting From Select Companies In Israel
  190. Israelis attack LSE pro-Palestine demo in London
  191. Gaza Under Attack – Oct 29, 2011 & Ongoing – in pictures
  192. Israeli Leader Wrongly Blames UN and Arab States for Palestinian Refugees
  193. Al Quds Day 2011 Worldwide Solidarity with Palestine – in pictures
  194. Mother Palestine | Cartoons by Carlos Latuff
  195. Ethnic Cleansing
  196. PSC Call for Prime Minister to Intervene to Help Prevent Death of Khader Adnan
  197. EU condemns demolitions in Silwan
  198. More Than Mere Words of Solidarity are Needed… – by Dr. Franklin Lamb
  199. Ireland and EU must intervene to save the life of Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan – Sinn Féin
  200. 7 years to the Popular Strugle in Bil’in (dedicated to Khader Adnan)
  201. Gaza rally for Palestinian hunger striker in Israeli jail
  202. Pundits Waiting for a Palestinian Gandhi? Meet Khader Adnan
  203. Father, Mother, Their Two Children Injured In Israeli Strike On Gaza
  204. Israeli Police Restrict Entry of Worshipers into Al-Aqsa Mosque
  205. Israeli high court to mull Khader Adnan appeal Thursday
  206. Israeli Settlers Vandalize Jerusalem
  207. European groups meet in London to arrange for global march to J’lem
  208. Khader Adnan | UN Special Rapporteur calls for the release of Palestinian hunger strike detainee
  209. In Search of a Bedouin Intifada
  210. Israeli Police Allow Extremist Jews on al-Aqsa Yards
  211. Israeli Terrorism – Demolitions & Army run over a man who tries to stop a demolition in Palestine – Jan 25, 2012 – in pictures
  212. Settlers Call to Storm Rachel Tombs
  213. Official: Israeli military exercise damages Palestinian agriculture
  214. Hunger Strike Day 66, Adnan’s Life at Stake in Struggle for Justice
  215. EU Condemns Israeli Demolition of Community Center
  216. Legislation to Allow Settlers to Take Over West Bank Land
  217. Israeli army fires on Gaza
  218. No to uprooting in the Negev – Petition by AVAAZ
  219. Israel’s violent crack-down of Qalandiya’s non-violent protest – in pictures
  220. #KhaderAdnan | Medical report: Khader Adnan in danger of imminent death
  221. Hundreds attend Bil’in’s 7th annual day of struggle against the Wall
  222. Yasser Arafat | أبو عمار
  223. A Voice of Integrity in the Canadian Media Fired Again
  224. Islamic Cooperation Condemns Israeli Forces’ Storming of Al-Aqsa Compound
  225. Cancer patient detained while seeking treatment in Israel
  226. Weekly Protest in Bil’in against the Israeli occupation – Febr 17, 2012 – video
  227. Must watch – DONOR OPIUM – the impact of international aid to Palestine – video
  228. Iranian ships docked at Syrian port lead to Israeli worries
  229. Palestinian Officials Condemn Israeli Leaks of Amman Talks
  230. IOF kidnap nine young men from W. Bank, one from O. Jerusalem
  231. IOF quell peaceful march of Kafr Qaddum village
  232. Palestinian children die, Israelis rejoice
  233. Rights activists in Paris plan trip to occupied Palestine
  234. Power outages, fear of Israeli attack in Gaza affects children’s psychological state
  235. USAID, International Youth Foundation Grant 4 Palestinian Organizations
  236. Today, I join Khader Adnan’s hunger strike – will you?
  237. PRC military wing says ready to confront Israel
  238. Israeli Artillery Shelling East of Beit Hanoun
  239. Arab League Chief, Grand Mufti of Al Quds Urge Protection for Holy Shrines
  240. Egypt to Supply Gaza with Power
  241. Israel ‘raids homes’ of Palestinian lawmakers
  242. Running the Gaza blockade: An interview with Karen DeVito
  243. ‘Ten big media lies’ about Israel
  244. Palestinians & Occupation | Black & White – in pictures
  245. Consequences of Israeli Chemical Weapons
  246. #KhaderAdnan | PA: Israel bears ‘full responsibility’ for hunger-striker
  247. Speech by the father of Khader Adnan at the demonstration outside Ziv Hospital in Safed 15.2.12 – video
  248. Cabinet Condemns Raid against Al-Aqsa Mosque, House Demolition
  249. Newspapers Review: Clashes at Al-Aqsa Compound Focus of Dailies
  250. Archbishop Hanna condemns Zionist falsification of the history of Christian holy places
  251. Israel Re-Arrests Recently Released Prisoners
  252. Call for solidarity: Submit your photos for the liberation of Shuhada street
  253. 2011: Year of Israeli Violence in Gaza Strip
  254. Prisoners in Ashkelon strike to support Khader Adnan
  255. Khatib: All construction activities around the Aqsa part of the alleged temple
  256. This is Gaza…. – in pictures
  257. Jerusalem Church Vandalised with Graffiti Inciting Hatred Against Christians
  258. Do you believe in Israel’s soi-disant judicial system?
  259. Nablus village ‘refuses Israeli decision to curtail mosque’
  260. Israeli High Court of Justice schedules hearing for 23 February while Khader Adnan continues to be in “immediate danger of death”
  261. PCHR Calls upon the International Community to Save the Life of the Palestinian Detainee, Khader Adnan, Who Is on Hunger Strike
  262. President, minister press for world to save Khader Adnan
  263. Israeli Army Opens Fire at Protest near Gaza
  264. The P Word – David Heap, Canadian Boat to Gaza member, comes to town; media cowers
  265. Jewish assault on Al-Aqsa Mosque is “provocation towards Muslims”
  266. Gaza’s energy crisis close to tipping point
  267. PCHR Calls upon the International Community to Save the Life of the Detainee Khader Adnan
  268. Palestinian Journalists Facing Wave of Detentions, Attacks
  269. Witnesses: Israeli undercover agents seize Ramallah man
  270. Protesters show their support of Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike
  271. People look at the scene of an accident near Ramallah
  272. Palestinian firefighter yells at the scene of an accident near the Qalandiya checkpoint outside the West Bank city of Ramallah
  273. Israel creates more homeless people in Beit Hanina by demolishing their home – in pictures
  274. Emergency fuel arrives from Egypt via Gaza tunnels
  275. Top 10 Misconceptions About Islam
  276. Israeli and Palestinian rescue workers stand with onlookers at the scene of an accident outside the West Bank city of Ramallah
  277. Palestinian president to contact Brotherhood if it forms Egypt’s government
  278. Soldiers Use Force to Disperse Protest in Solidarity with Khader Adnan
  279. Center: Settler violence peaked in 2011
  280. Continuing the Palestinian struggle: an interview with Fouzi El-Asmar
  281. Armed men fire at Israeli watchtower
  282. An Essay I wrote for English: Palestine remembered
  283. Freedom and Justice Party Rejects Gaza Blockade; Demands Protection for Muslim, Christian Holy Sites in Jerusalem
  284. Israel vows to launch bigger war on Gaza than Cast Lead
  285. Embassy blasts, recent Zionist bluff
  286. Palestine Holocaust Children Burned
  287. Haneyya in Cairo this week to address Gaza power crisis
  288. Former Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem: Israel is turning Jerusalem into a Jewish City
  289. Out of Power Cuts… 80% of Gaza Patients Death-threatened
  290. Israel Occupation Authority authorizes building of 500 new housing units in West Bank
  291. Addameer Monthly Detention Report – 1 February 2012
  292. PLO Rejects UNRWA’s Reduction of Services Policy
  293. Military Authority to Demolish 9 Structures in Jenin Area
  294. Night clashes in occupied Jerusalem
  295. Israel is decapitating the two-state solution
  296. Encountering Tear Gas & Pepper Spray | Protection at Protests
  297. Hamas demands dismissal of UNRWA chief Grandi from his post
  298. Israeli Defense Forces Chief Reiterates Threat against Iran
  299. Subaru Car Ad In Israel Shows “Power” By Running Over Palestinian Children
  300. Palestinian Hunger Strikers: A History
  301. Human Trafficking in Israel
  302. Moussa: The peace treaty with Israel should be reconsidered
  303. Kufr Qaddoum: 5 people injured in demonstration – pictures
  304. Israeli and Palestinian rescue workers a
  305. Sultanate of Oman sends aid to Gaza
  306. Israel serves imperial plundering, conflicts
  307. Urgent Appeal: Help Lama Hear Again
  308. Report: Settler outposts expand into Area B
  309. Deir Yassin Massacre – April 9, 1948
  310. Cartoon – Osama Bin Laden is dead: they’re gonna miss you
  311. Despite video evidence, officer who shot Israeli demonstrator won’t be charged
  312. Hamas: Israel targets Gaza to spoil reconciliation
  313. Jewish settlers burn 8 cars, damage Mosque in 1948 occupied lands
  314. Bethlehem demonstration for Khader Adnan stopped at checkpoint
  315. DCI File Complain Against Abuse and Maltreatment of Detained Children
  316. Municipality and National Parks Authority officers demolished Wadi Hilweh Cultural Center
  317. Israeli firefighters gather at the site
  318. Erekat Warns Against Israeli Strike on Gaza
  319. Solidarity with Khader Adnan who is #Dying2Live – video
  320. Thousands Protest In Support Of The Political Prisoners
  321. Palestinian women stripped naked during provocative prison search
  322. Israeli and Palestinian rescue workers a
  323. Khader Adnan Solidarity Grows Even More
  324. Army Invades Al-Khader, Clashes reported
  325. Closed shops, empty pockets: Israel’s policy of economic strangulation in Hebron
  326. Israeli warplanes fire on Gaza Strip, 4 injured
  327. Palestinian Protests on Israel’s Borders – in pictures
  328. Israeli soldiers stand guard at the site
  329. Israeli and Palestinian resuce workers a
  330. Nabil Al-Arabi and the Mufti of Jerusalem discuss ways to deal with Israeli attacks on religious shrines
  331. Soldiers detain teenager from Jenin village
  332. Israel kidnapped & interrogated a 6-year old child for four hours
  333. The Jewish Lie about Joseph and Joseph’s Tomb
  334. Israel developed over 100 torture methods against Palestinian prisoners
  335. Gaza PM to press Egypt over electricity crisis
  336. Israeli and Palestinian firefighters gat
  337. Price tag attack on Jerusalem church provokes religious condemnation
  338. A Palestinian policeman (C-R) speaks to
  339. Israeli forces deliver demolition warnings near Jenin
  340. Employees at public universities, colleges on strike
  341. Peace Now – updated West Bank and Jerusalem Map – 2011 | Jews for Justice for Palestinians
  342. Olive Harvest in Palestine Gaza & West Bank – 2011
  343. Mideast Israel Palestinians Deadly Crash
  344. PLO cabinet to meet Monday over failed talks
  345. Women Studies Center of Nablus: Women’s rights are Palestinian rights
  346. #Palestine Protests for it’s Men, Women & Children in Zionist Jails – in picture
  347. Khader Adnan and Israel’s use of administrative detention
  348. Israel court to hear hunger striker’s appeal
  349. Amnesty urges Israel to immediately free Palestinian detainee Khader Adnan
  350. High Court to hear Adnan’s appeal today; protest turns violent at Ofer Prison
  351. Archbishop condemns monastery vandalism by Israeli savages
  352. Humanitarian Crisis in the Gaza Strip – Facts & Statistics
  353. West Bank settlements violate Oslo accords, says left-wing Israeli activist
  354. Settlers uproot and steal 150 olive tree saplings from village
  355. Meet 2-yr-old Islam Qreqa’a – BEFORE & AFTER Israeli Attack – in pictures
  356. Israel Torture Palestinian Children by Electric-Shocking
  357. Journalist Amin Abu Warda to Ofer Military Prison
  358. Calling Israel “free state” is insult to language
  359. Police Arrest Jerusalem Resident from Hospital
  360. Palestinian Authority accuses Red Cross of failing to protect prisoners
  361. Jewish nationalists scrawl ‘Jesus son of Mary the whore’ on Christian church
  362. Israeli forces detain 3 during clashes in Al-Aqsa
  363. Palestinian Profile: Nahalin, A Village in Danger
  364. IOA confiscates 30 dunums of Palestinian land in Yatta
  365. Ethnic Cleansing of Bedouin – in pictures
  366. No Racism in Islam | The Farewell Ceremony of Prophet Muhammed SAWS
  367. Report: Dozens protest Israeli president visit to Nazareth
  368. Israel plans to construct 500 new settlement units on occupied lands
  369. Japan Donates $10m to UNRWA Programs
  370. Student council starts strike at university in Hebron
  371. Israel Arms & Trains Illegal Settlers for Rampage in Occupied Palestine – in pictures
  372. Gaza suffers from electricity shutdown
  373. IRIN | Palestinian refugee numbers / whereabouts | Egypt | Israel | Iraq | Jordan | Lebanon | OPT | Syria | Refugees/IDPs
  374. The World Rallies for Palestine – in pictures
  375. Suffocation Cases Due to Israeli Raids in Jenin
  376. Ramadan 2011 – in pictures
  377. Newspapers Review: Dailies Highlight Adnan’s Hearing, Israeli Version of Talks
  378. Eyewitness Gaza Attacked – in pictures by @rosa_schiano
  379. Non-violence activist tells Israeli court charges ‘ridiculous’
  380. Hamas: Committed to Doha deal, but needs amendment
  381. Under-reported Palestinian political prisoners: an urgent matter for peace
  382. #KhaderAdnan | Khader Adnan’s dignity
  383. Gaza sit-in, rally back Khader Adnan; general strike set for Tuesday
  384. Israel arrests Palestinian children – video
  385. Dozens of Palestinians declare Hunger Strike as Fasting prisoner #KhaderAdnan is on day 60
  386. Victory of Hunger Striker #KhaderAdnan Partial
  387. Israel demolishes West Bank villages as Jewish outposts remains untouched
  388. Gaza fisherman drowns off coast
  389. Haneyya: Radical steps to be taken to solve Gaza power crisis
  390. Baroud to CPDS: Clear, Non-Factional Message Urgently Needed
  391. PALESTINIAN HOLOCAUST – Israeli soldiers lined up, shot and killed 3 little Palestinian girls – video
  392. Jewish settlers burn Palestinian car, cut trees
  393. The Promised Land ~ by @jadmk
  394. Stone Cold Justice | Israel’s Detention & Torture of Children – policies
  395. Urgent Call for Action to UN: Khader Adnan at Risk of Death on 60th Day of Hunger Strike
  396. Court To Look Into Adnan’s Appeal Tuesday
  397. Israeli Forces Detain Three Palestinians in the West Bank
  398. Ultra-orthodox Jews push for non-employment of Arabs
  399. Palestinians stage demos in support of hunger strike activist
  400. Al-Aqsa Mosque and its surrounding area attacked 100 times during 2011
  401. Ashrawi calls on EU to Rescue Two-State Solution
  402. Consequences of Israeli Weapons Testing
  403. Israeli Likud Party Calls to Storm al-Aqsa Mosque‏
  404. Report: Israeli authorities seek to permit unplanned settler roads
  405. Israeli Prison’s Authority Move 120 Prisoners To Unknown Location
  406. My husband, #KhadarAdnan, has shed a light on Israel’s disregard for human rights
  407. IOF Says Ground Invasion in Gaza ‘Matter of Time’
  408. Health Crisis in Gaza
  409. If you have no idea about avoidable mortality by Israel’s deliberate policies: Meet Baby Firas – video
  410. Red Crescent Expresses Concern over Israeli Targeting of its Teams‏
  411. Space, Power and Identity in a Palestinian Refugee Camp – Terra
  412. Bruqin avoids arrests: Planting hope for Khader Adnan
  413. Radical Jewish terrorists torch Mosque in Tuba – in pictures
  414. Abusing Palestinian Children
  415. Forget about Iran! Forget about Hezbollah! Israel is under Attack! (By Rats)
  416. #KhaderAdnan’s Life in Grave Danger as He Continues His Struggle Against Israel’s Human Rights Violations – Latest update – Please share widely
  417. Hunger strikes end and celebrations begin in Gaza for #KhaderAdnan
  418. Israeli army attacks children & unarmed nonviolent protesters in Beit Ummar – Febr 11, 2012 – in pictures
  419. Qalandia Refugee Camp Struggling Amidst Power Outages
  420. Who turned out the lights in Gaza this time?
  421. Gaza Under Attack – Part 2 – in pictures
  422. Israeli drones killed 825 in Gaza
  423. The Mavi Marmara Massacre – in pictures
  424. #KhaderAdnan | Dozens injured in IOF quelling of rally at Ofer
  425. Settler Violence: Broken Glass on Shuhada Street
  426. REFUSING TO DIE IN SILENCE – in video & pictures
  427. Checkpoints
  428. Egyptian Military Junta Complicit in Israeli Siege of Gaza ~ Cartoon by @CarlosLatuff
  429. Haneyya in Egypt to discuss power crisis
  430. Hamas hold Israel fully responsible for any act against Aqsa Mosque
  431. Settler Violence in Palestine
  432. Group: Israeli forces attack press with ‘total impunity’
  433. Settlers try to rebuild illegal outpost in Hebron
  434. Journalists light 66 candles in solidarity with the imprisoned Khader Adnan
  435. BDS: Power of the People at Work ~ by Ramzy Baroud
  436. Israeli Forces Arrest Three Palestinians in West Bank
  437. Vittorio Arrigoni: a Friend, a Brother, a Humanist
  438. The Kufiyeh Project – in pictures
  439. Valiance in the Face of Cruelty – Khader Adnan’s Hunger Strike
  440. وكالة فلسطين اليوم الإخبارية – تقرير مصور : عروس تلقي بدلة زفافها وسط معبر رفح – in pictures
  441. Netherlands will not support Palestine state bid in UN
  442. AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Know – video
  443. The world must heed #KhaderAdnan’s call: Make Palestinian Political Prisoners’ Day, 17 April 2012, a day of international action
  444. Leaked document “Operation Summer Seeds”: Israeli forces train and arm settlers to attack Palestinian protesters
  445. Israel Notifies Farmers it Plans to Seize their Land
  446. The Body Snatchers of Israel
  447. Action Alert ▶ Israel refuses treatment of cancer-plagued Political detainee Naim Natsche
  448. Israeli soldiers commit 2 brutal assaults on 16 year old boy
  449. Israeli Airstrikes Injure Four Palestinians in Gaza
  450. IOF soldiers killed 21 Palestinians in West Bank in 2011 including 4 children

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