Hamas and Fatah to continue meetings to agree on government

[ 24/02/2012 – 12:45 PM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)– PIC correspondent in Cairo said that Hamas and Fatah agreed Thursday to carry out more consultations in the coming days to agree on the formation of the unity government and said that the government issue was not settled in earlier meetings.

Regarding the meeting of the PLO interim leadership framework, PIC correspondent said that the meeting dealt with a number of files, most important of which was the political track and the mechanism of electing the Palestinian National Council (PNC). He noted that the present leader of the PNC, Salim al-Za’noun, presented his perspective on the restructuring of the PLO.

The meeting took place on Thursday evening and was attended by Hamas’s political bureau chairman, Khaled Mishaal, and PA President Mahmoud Abbas and a representative from each Palestinian faction along with the leader of the PNC.

The meeting followed a meeting between Mishaal and Abbas to discuss the progress in the formation of a national unity government.

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