Haneyya hails Egyptian support, Syrian uprising

[ PIC 25/02/2012 – 09:37 AM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)– Ismail Haneyya, the Palestinian premier in Gaza, has called on the Egyptian people, Arab and Islamic armies to prepare for the final showdown with the Israeli occupation.

Haneyya, speaking after the Friday congregation in the Egyptian Al-Azhar mosque, said many Egyptian martyrs have sacrificed their lives for the sake of Palestine and Cairo should remain the leader of the struggle to liberate the Aqsa mosque and Jerusalem.

He said that Palestinians in Jerusalem were defending with their “bare chests” the Aqsa mosque in occupied Jerusalem, waiting for the moment when Muslims unite and liberate the holy site.

The premier affirmed that the Palestinian people despite the murders and suffering are adamant not to recognize Israel, affirming that there is no future for the Israeli occupiers on the land of Palestine.

Haneyya hailed the Syrian people’s demands for freedom, democracy, and reform.

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