Abbas Supports Presenting East Jerusalem’s Question to UN Security Council

WAFA FEB 26 2012

DOHA, February 26, 2012 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas supported the presenting of the Jerusalem question to the United Nations Security Council in Qatar on Sunday.

Abbas said, during the International Conference for the Defense of Occupied Jerusalem, that Israel is using all sorts of heinous methods and policies to execute its agenda aiming to erase the Arab, Islamic and Christian character of East Jerusalem.

He clarified that Israel aims to Judize the old city through changing the landscape, carrying out ethnic cleansing against Palestinians and destroying Jerusalem’s infrastructure and economic resources.

He said that all concerned over Jerusalem must adopt policies and provide facilities to guarantee protecting Jerusalem and maintain its characteristics.

Abbas said that it is essential to support Palestinian residents of Jerusalem and their resistance.

He said: “We reached an agreement with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to work together in order to reinforce Palestinians’ resistance in Jerusalem by supporting health, education, housing, infrastructure, religious sites and economy.”

The East Jerusalem question must become the main and the basic point in the Arab, Islamic political and economic relations with the world.

He added that the annexation of East Jerusalem legislation, which was passed by Israel in 1967, is invalid and East Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine.

Abbas stressed the importance to support and reinforce the infrastructure in East Jerusalem through adopting projects to support institutions in Jerusalem and maintain connections with Palestinians in Jerusalem to break the siege.


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