OCHA: Over 300 Administrative Detentions in Israeli Jails

WAFA FEB 26 2012

JERUSALEM, February 26, 2012 (WAFA) – There are over 300 Palestinians being currently held under Israeli administrative detention, around 45% of them from February 2011, Sunday said the weekly report of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs to the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OCHA).

Violent clashes erupted between Israeli forces and Palestinians during protests resulting in around 40 injuries, said OCHA’s Protection of Civilians weekly report covering15-21 February 2012.

It said Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip injured 15 civilians, including three children, as well as caused damage to at least 15 houses, a hospital and a school.

In addition, the report featured long electricity blackouts of between eight to 16 hours per day due to the power outages throughout the Gaza Strip because of the insufficient fuel supplies to run the Gaza Power Plant, disrupting the daily life in Gaza.

The weekly report said the level of reported settler violence remained low, with five settler attacks against Palestinians and their property, including an incident where Israeli settlers physically assaulted and injured an elderly Palestinian while he was grazing his livestock near Ramallah.


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