Israel violates prisoner swap deal, re-arresting ex-inmates

A human rights activist says the Israeli regime has violated the 2011 prisoner exchange deal as part of its persisting repression against Palestinians, Press TV reports.

PRESS TV FEB 27 2012

Joe Carton, an American activist in the Gaza Strip, told Press TV on Sunday that the re-arrest of five Palestinian prisoners “in violation of the prisoner exchange negotiated with the governments of Gaza and Egypt are part of Israel’s ongoing repression against just resistance by the Palestinian people against the ongoing occupation, apartheid and siege imposed upon their land.”

Over the past few weeks, the Tel Aviv regime has re-arrested five Palestinian prisoners that were freed from Israeli jails in October and December last year under a deal mediated by Egypt to free 1,027 Palestinian inmates in exchange for Hamas-captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Female Palestinian prisoner Hana al-Shalabi is one of the re-arrested detainees. She has reportedly gone on a hunger strike since her arrest.

Jaber Weshah, the deputy director of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, said on Sunday the Israeli move is a “violation of the norms of the exchange and I think this should be highlighted internationally and Israel should abide by the agreement.”

According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, before the release of the 1,027 prisoners, about 6,000 Palestinian detainees were held in Israeli prisons.

Islam Abdo, a Hamas official, called on Egypt to “oblige Israel to respect the agreement and release the prisoners and also improve the detention conditions of the other Palestinian prisoners.”



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