Arab Spring Is An Impetus To The Palestinian Cause – AIPU Sec Gen


DOHA, Feb 28 (Bernama) — Arab Inter- parliamentary Union (AIPU) Secretary General, Noureddine Bou Kachouj, has emphasized that “the Arab Spring revolutions would give more impetus to the issue of Al Quds in general and the Palestinian cause in particular.”

“Thus in this case, such an impetus would be a turning point,” Qatar News Agency (QNA) quoted him as saying.

In an exclusive interview with QNA here Monday, Bou Kachouji said: “I could assure that any movement in any Arab country resulting in giving the lead to its people will ultimately be in favour of Al Quds and the Palestinian cause.”

The outcome of the Arab Spring will be 100 per cent in favour of Al Quds, he added.

Touching on whether the rise of the Islamists in Palestine will contribute to serving the Palestinian cause, the AIPU Secretary General said the Palestinian cause was the main concern to all Arab and Islamic communities and was not solely limited to a specific group.

He described as “a good idea” , the proposal of the Emir Shiekh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani to go to the Security Council concerning a resolution to form an international fact-finding commission to investigate into Israeli procedures designed for the judaisation of Al Quds.

“The Security Council is considered a paramount international stage, we are aware of the obstacles that we will face with the Veto process however we should fight in all arenas of which, and most importantly, the Security Council is one of them,” the AIPU secretary general said.

Bou Kachouj also called upon all governments, civil society organisations and charity organisations in the Arab and Islamic world to support the Palestinians financially to help them “face the Israeli occupation.”


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