Arms deal with Israel, strategic mistake for Baku: Azeri media

File photo shows an Israeli Hermes-450 drone.
Azeri media say the recent decision by the government of Azerbaijan to sign a major arms deal with the Zionist regime of Israel is a strategic mistake on the part of Baku.

Azadliq newspaper recently published an article saying Baku’s mistake will give Iran the right to adopt positions against Azerbaijan as a regional ally of Israel in case of a military faceoff between Tehran and Tel Aviv.

The paper added that by signing the deal with Israel, Azeri President Heydar Aliyev is trying to tell Iran that he can cooperate with Tehran’s enemies, ignoring the fact that this will be harmful to Azerbaijan.

The article went on to say Baku’s irrational decision has also endangered its strategic relations with Turkey as Ankara- Tel Aviv relations have become tense.

Meanwhile, head of the Baku-based East West Research Center Arastun Orujlu said reports about Azerbaijan’s arms deal with Israel will cause serious problems for the country by increasing tension in relations with Russia, Iran and Turkey.

On February 26, Israeli military officials said the Tel Aviv regime plans to sign a major arms deal with Azerbaijan.

The officials added that the Israeli Aerospace Industries will sell “drones, anti-aircraft and missile defense systems worth USD 1.6 billion” to Azerbaijan.

On February 28, Tehran summoned Azeri Ambassador Javanshir Akhundov to protest Baku’s USD 1.5 billion agreement with Israel for the purchase of drones and anti-aircraft and missile systems. Akhundov explained that the weapons were being purchased to liberate the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

Tel Aviv reportedly agreed to sell arms to Azerbaijan in return for Baku assisting Mossad in carrying out terrorist operations against Iran from the former Russian Republic. Another report has revealed that Israel is setting up a base for its spy agency, Mossad, in the Republic of Azerbaijan to spy on Iran.

Earlier this month, Iran summoned the Azeri envoy and requested the repatriation of a Jewish man who worked as a Mossad agent in Baku using the assumed name Javidan for his role in the assassination of Iranian nuclear experts.


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