New Jewish plans in the yard of Buraq

Jerusalem Center for Media – Asmaa Thaher

The lawyer Qais Yousef Nasser said that the District Committee for Planning and Building of the Jerusalem Municipality proposed on Monday, structurally planned to a Jewish center in the courtyard of Al Buraq from the southern side of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in addition to the latest scheme to build a Jewish center on the western side of the yard opposite to the Mughrabi Gate .

And on the details of plans, said the lawyer Nasser, in a statement on Wednesday that talk about the plans made by the association of the Western Wall and the Heritage Jewish Quarter Company, and they are bodies that are working for a long time ago with the support of the Government of the occupation to plan on the Buraq Square towards Judaization the Temple Mount area as a whole.

He added that the plan is planned to build a Jewish center as the “house Hliba” on an area of about four thousand square meters.

The Centre contains, on the top floor, a library, rooms and other, and in the second floor, antique garden include the antiques discovered by Israel Antiquities Authority at the site.

The second plan, which was proposed yesterday, and published in the Official Gazette is a scheme for the establishment of a Jewish center south Buraq yard, and includes antiques garden for the antiques discovered at the site and an area of about 1500 square meters, in addition to the corridor under the ground below the wall of the old town at the door of the Moroccan foreign .

The lawyer Nasser pointed out that standing building built illegally has become as a part of the second scheme, which the Jewish mayor of Jerusalem made a special report on this building.

He noted that these illegal schemes are an application of a comprehensive plan prepared by the “Association of the Western Wall,” aims to change the Buraq and al-Aqsa mosque as a whole, which requires to face of such schemes in all judicial and political means available to local and international areas.

He also asked to submit objections to these schemes to block and invalidate them entirely.

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