Right-wing Plan to Annex the West Bank along with Its Citizens

PNN Feb 28 2012

Uri Ariel

Israeli Right-wing Knesset Member Uri Ariel put forward a plan for Israel to annex the West Bank along with its citizens. The Knesset Member calls it a political solution, in which Palestinians living in the West Bank will be given the chance for citizenship, and the chance to express their loyalty to the State of Israel.

Ariel, a right-wing politician believes that the two state solution should be one in which one state will be west of the Jordan river and another east of the river (refering to the Kingdom of Jordan). Ariel explained that since Jordan already consists of 70% Palestinians, than they should claim it as the State of Palestine, while the West Bank should become part of Israel. He added that the plan to split the land west of the Jordan river into two states is entirely the idea of the Israeli leftist parties.

According to Ariel’s plan, all the citizens of the West Bank will be given the same rights that Arab Jerusalemites have, which include social security, and medical insurance. He further explained that the Arabs in the West Bank will be given a residency similar to that of an American green card. This will be done in a way where Palestinians who attain the “green card” will be given a chance to apply for citizenship after 5 years, in which they will be tested on their Hebrew Language, and their loyalty for the State of Israel, this constituts of pledging their allegiance to the “Jewish State of Israel”.

Ariel also said that although this sounds like a dangerous plan, if executed correctly, it will help save Israel’s Jewish identity. Moreover he explained that this plan will help stop Israel’s isolation from the International community.

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