British Thought Police Target Gaza Activist Ken O’Keefe – by Tim King

Tim King March 1 2012

The ongoing campaign against one of the world’s brightest pro-Palestine activists, our own Ken O’Keefe, hits an all-time low.

Anti-free speech against Israel
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(SALEM / LONDON) – We recently showed you Ken O’Keefe’s powerful speech about Israel and the complicity of the western nations in all of the madness arising from the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Not known for speaking in small or uncertain terms, Ken was in particularly good form as he addressed a receptive and cheering audience at Middlesex University. (see: Ken O’Keefe Lecture at Middlesex University – Israeli Apartheid Week)

But lo and behold, in the most, pardon me… chickenshit fashion, an individual went to the police and ‘reported’ Ken’s speech, which is published here and was before, and is clear for all the world to see on YouTube.

These are defenders of Israel’s deadly apartheid politics, that force people to live under two sets of laws; one for Jews and one for those who aren’t, where Palestinian children can be arrested and jailed at the age of six while Israeli children can’t be arrested by police for any reason until they’re twice that age.

Then there are the ‘Jewish only’ roads.

I don’t care if we’re talking about the Wahhabi Muslims in Saudi Arabia, the Sinhalese Buddhists in Sri Lanka, or the hardcore right-wing Zionists in Israel, anyone who believes in this religious zealot garbage is either mad, sick or brainwashed; and they have the gall to call out Ken and the rest of us at different times, in different ways, for simply speaking with a true tongue and without wavering from one continual point: that Israel fails to honor Human Rights and thus does not meet the test as a legitimate government.

It’s almost as if the old east and the old west did a spin on the dance floor; Communist countries continue to liberalize, while the western countries that defeated Adolf Hitler’s Germany increasingly act more like the feared, archaic regimes they defeated.

War crimes go unchecked, that is the biggest problem. Right now Sri Lanka is in Geneva charged with war crimes, yet every time Israel is called onto the stand to face charges, the U.S. uses its ‘super veto’ power to block any action taken, and each time Israel gets off scot-free.

Ken O’Keefe is a hero among men, he has friends of every religion and ethnicity in existence, and there are many Jewish people among the ranks, and that is naturally because Judaism and Israeli Zionism are not the same at all. One is a historic religion, the other is a philosophy coined in the 1890’s by a man named Theodore Herzl. He declared that Palestine should be the future home of the Jewish people. Everything was fine until WWII; Jews were murdered en masse, then survivors fled to Palestine, and by 1948, thanks to a shifty deal engineered by the British, Israel was formed, and the Palestinian tragedy was born, this period is known as ‘The Nakba’.

But getting the police involved?

Seriously, two pro-Israel activists in the audience reported Ken O’Keefe to law enforcement! A Barnet Police spokesman reportedly said: “Evidence from the event is being reviewed. This is obviously a delicate investigation that will require balancing the right to free speech, and the rights of people not to be discriminated against”.

In Ken O’Keefe’s words

The mass murdering criminal UK Government and its equally corrupt police, the ones who are happy to protect Israeli war criminals in the UK by destroying universal jurisdiction. The same UK that is home to the world’s biggest fraudsters and financial terrorists, otherwise known as the banksters. This same UK Police that falsely arrested me on bogus ‘fraud’ non-charges so it could steal my property and support the criminals who have attempted to destroy the much needed Trade Not Aid Mission.

This pathetic and corrupt government and all of its other minions and lackeys can stick it where the sun don’t shine. I will happily go to prison in this Godforsaken land as the price for shouting the truth. So let me repeat; Israel is a criminal state. As is America, which is the ultimate terrorist state and uber-hypocrite. Israeli Mossad worked with high treason traitors in the US government to set explosives in the twin towers and building 7 on 9/11 so as to instigate the fraudulent ‘War on Terror’, a horrendously, purposely un-ending war that has maimed and murdered millions and counting. All for the ‘full spectrum dominance’ agenda that intends to enslave every survivor of this madness.

What I said the other night is more than true, Israel is beyond an Apartheid state. Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu have made that ever-clear, the people of Palestine and the scars they bare are a never ending source of proof.

I repeat, as we continue to sit on the edge of the cliff that is full scale World War III and likely nuclear annihilation, that every racist, corrupt, war murdering state, as well as the UN in its current form, should be destroyed. This includes more than any others, the true ‘Axis of Evil’ in Israel, Britain and America. These three nations are the scourge of humanity and the greatest threat this world has ever faced. Hitler will look like a saint compared to those behind these criminal states if they have their way. Mass de-population is not a ‘theory’, it is their ultimate agenda knowing full well that the fraud they have perpetuated on all of the people is being irreversibly exposed. Their time is running out… and they know this.

These three nations, along with a disgraced and disgusting UN, must be destroyed in their current form, in their place must be people who represent the true will of the people and an absolute commitment to respect for every single persons rights. The right of people to be free and to be happy is sacrosanct, fuck you with your ‘security’ bullshit, the people want freedom and a dignified life, your Orwellian frauds are your own demise should you continue to maintain this facade of ‘democracy’ and ‘civility’. The west have acted like true barbarians and all of us from these lands are guilty for the actions of our criminal governments to one degree or another.

We as people must take responsibility, we must stop shifting blame. These bastards could never get away with what they are doing if we were not so weak, divided and ultimately pathetic. Whereas they are tyrants, we are pathetic for allowing them to exploit and violate us as they do.

There will never be peace in this world as long as we the people allow this disgusting, fraudulent scam to continue. The truth is the truth, and when we rise, the banksters more than anybody else, better beg for forgiveness. And their minions, servile minions to the powers that be, these revolting, stomach churning puppets like the Tony Blair’s and Obama’s and so on, should just spend a few years in Guantanamo to think things out a bit… if they are lucky that is.

I propose a one year amnesty period for all the criminals who come clean, but if they do not, then they should be treated as they have treated others, like sub-human animals with no rights whatsoever.

In a world like this I am ready for whatever comes my way, slander, threats, torture, imprisonment, death, I like every genuine, intelligent person know all too well the price for wielding the truth. So it really does not matter what happens to me, because whenever it is that I meet my maker I shall smile, knowing that I did my best in this very, very fucked up world of ours. I have shown my ultimate respect for all life and made my life an example of the price we should be willing to pay in order to make the world right. I am not alone, I am proud to follow in the footsteps of countless people who made one decision, to face the tyranny without fear and without compromise.

And I am hopeful, I know we the people have the ultimate power. I know it is merely a matter for us to realise this fact, to seize that power, to ultimately create a better world. A world built on truth, justice and ultimately peace.

Watch and share the speech that could mark my imprisonment. Here is the Jewish supremacist Jewish Chronicle’s article spouting their same old hasbara.
— with Joshua Blakeney and 19 others.

What’s to investigate?

This thought police business is a hazard and indicative of what is taking place in the warring western world, where military intervention and public oppression seem to be at the forefront of everything taking place, underscored by economic greed and environmental devastation.

So many have been killed for the sake of Israel, that the numbers are staggering. Yes, there has been resistance over the years and anyone surprised by that is an ignorant person. Literally all of Israel was very recently, all Palestine, and it was itself created under a British mandate.

Ken’s reasons for his dedication to this cause are myriad, but at the top of the list on a personal side, is the fact that Ken is married to a Palestinian woman, his children are Palestinian, and he is a first-hand witness to Israel’s cruel and constant brutality having spent significant time in Gaza.

This is where poor fishermen are attacked daily by the Israeli navy, a military force of all draftees that are encouraged to harm and hassle and sometimes kill these Gazans. The Israelis shoot with sniper rifles, kids who collect rocks for road building, they shoot farmers dead in their own fields for coming too close to the ‘buffer zone’.

Indeed, if there was ever a cause worth dying for, it might be this one. Sooner or later, Israel absolutely must be stopped, as much as anything for the people of Israel whose lives are intermingled with other prejudices and discrimination. For example, there are growing problems in Israel for dark-skinned Jews, their political system is wrapped around a morphed view of religious philosophy and the bottom line in this world and in this life, is that all people are the same, none are better than others.

Admittedly Anti-Semantic

Everything about what is taking place, is nothing more than a game of words. These Zionists who attended the Middlesex talk would have gone to the police regardless of the words Ken chose; it wasn’t about the words, it was about the threat Ken represents as a person who has appeared on The BBC’s biggest programs, never looking bad, never failing to make his point and show strength, and his words are not what the dime droppers even claim them to be anyway. Facts are facts and semantics are picky excuses for causing problems for people who challenge fascist authority.

They can fool the police into taking baseless action, but they can’t fool us and they can’t silence Ken by martyring him; look at the recent victory of Khader Adnan, a Palestinian who survived an amazing, frankly record-setting, 66-day Hunger Strike on behalf of Palestinian rights under Jewish law. He nearly joined Bobby Sands, hero of the Irish Republican Army, who died in a Hunger Strike for equal rights, which an ungracious queen finally relented to, after his death. I seriously don’t think they want to do this to Ken, the British authorities should be embarrassed, nothing new there.

Ken O’Keefe stands for the poor, battered, beleaguered Palestinian families, all of them but particularly those in Gaza whom he became so close to; he is a former U.S. Marine and a man of tremendous strength and incredible, peaceful aspirations. He gained fame when Israelis attacked a ship he was aboard called the Mavi Marmara that had a stated goal, along with several other ships, of reaching Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid. The ships had been well checked and no persons aboard the vessels were armed.

Tim King and Ken O’Keefe-

Israel attacked this ship in the early morning hours, with live sniper rounds fired from both helicopters and fast moving boats that paced the Turkish flagged Mavi Marmara. The ship was in international waters when attacked, nine people, journalists and activists, were murdered by the Israeli forces. Several dozen were injured, Israel denied medical treatment to the injured and then brutalized Ken and others in captivity, famous faces of his bloody face have been shown around the world.

The UN and many other agencies declared that the Israeli attack on the unarmed activists in open ocean waters amounted to a series of terrible war crimes. As in the case of Israel’s Gaza attack that left 1400+ dead, obnoxiously called by the Jewish state, ‘Operation Cast Lead’- the UN pressed war crimes and the US used its super veto power to shield Israel from charges. They are all evil in this regard, no decent human being can support that ruthless attack over unguided rocket attacks.

Do you know how many Israelis those fabled ‘Gaza rocket attacks’ from the ‘terrorists’ have killed? 28. That’s right, twenty eight people in all time, since the first rocket attacks in the 90’s. Gaza had over 200 schools and 50 medical facilities specifically targeted by Israel’s US-made weapons.

Israel also used illegal white phosphorous on civilian neighborhoods, they are a lawless, rogue regime and murder is the interest of Israel, killing every last Palestinian or forcing them out of Israel and Palestine into a rotten refugee camp synonymous with the Palestinian Diaspora, that is their goal. Let this moronic exercise in Zionist hatred and confusion steel is all and remind us of the real nature of this deadly never-ending game funded and fueled by the US and UK.


Tim King in 2008, covering the Iraq War

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