Israeli Raid on TV Stations Aims to Control Frequencies, says Minister


RAMALLAH, March 1, 2012 (WAFA) – Minister of Telecommunication and Information Technology Mashhor Abu Dakka Thursday accused the Israeli government of raiding two television stations in Ramallah with an aim to take over their frequencies.

He said at a press conference in his office in Ramallah that Israel wants to use these frequencies in the fourth generation phones that use television and need TV waves.

“We believe that Israel aims to clear the space from the UHF frequencies local stations use in order to build a digital system based on these frequencies,” he said.

He said that TV broadcasting frequencies do not disrupt airport and wireless communications because they do not share the same frequency or anything close to it.

Abu Dakka affirmed that the Israeli Ministry of Communication has never complained from any communication disruption caused by either Wattan TV or al-Quds Educational Television, which raises questions about the intentions of the raid.

He expressed concern that this Israeli campaign will escalate and target more Palestinian TV and radio stations.


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