The Zionist entity is practicing deception and disinformation under the guise of the so-called peace process

Islam Times – According to Dr. Maher al-Taher, the member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and the head of its leadership in abroad, no political solutions could be reached with the Zionist occupation. Thus, he called for putting an end to the policy of settlement and negotiations.

Al-Taher, in a special interview with Islam Times correspondent in Gaza, said that it is impossible to reach a political solution with the Zionist entity, pointing out that this entity wants to control everything, is misguiding us, and practicing deception and disinformation under the guise of the so-called peace process. “The Zionists are continuing with the settlement, Judaicizing Jerusalem, looting the land, and building the wall, being supported by the United States that does not want an independent Palestinian State”.

He called for leaving the approach and the path of Oslo, saying, “We must leave fully all the course of Oslo in order to draw the strategy of a new Palestinian action through the unity of the Palestinian rank on the basis of a clear political position and program, along with a collective leadership that would be involved in the decision-making and ending the process of singling out the Palestinian decision”.

Al-Taher expressed his happiness to return to the land of Palestine and to the valiant Gaza that lifted the head of every Palestinian highly when it remained steadfast and confronted the occupation, calling at the same time to implement necessarily the Cairo Agreement, to hold the elections of the National Council, and to rehabilitate the organization and its political program and charter so that to unite the people’s capacity to achieve the objectives of our people.

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