Egyptian parliament calls for supplying Gaza with electricity and fuel

[ PIC 02/03/2012 – 02:57 PM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)– The Arab Affairs Committee at the Egyptian Parliament on Thursday recommended making a legal study into the border crossings between Egypt and the Gaza Strip and how to run them in a way that allows entry of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people including supplying them with fuel and electricity if the Israeli occupation continues to refuse to allow humanitarian supplies into the Gaza Strip.

Jamal Hanafi, head of the committee, said that Egypt must continue to carry out its humanitarian role by providing aid through the Rafah crossing to the residents of the Gaza Strip.

For his part, Baha’ al-Dasouki, deputy Foreign Minister, said that the Gaza Strip is an important dimension of the Egyptian National Security and that Egypt deals with the Strip as a territory under occupation. He added that Egypt continues to put pressure on the international community to shoulder its responsibility and lift the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.

The discussions at the parliament revealed the extent of suffering of Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip because of the siege. Suffering that affects every aspect of their lives, no electricity because of lack of fuel and lack of spare parts, medical services are limited again because of lack of supplies and equipment, education is failing as schools destroyed by the Israeli occupation were not built.

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