Palestine: Youth Activist Fadi Quran Released From Israeli Prison

GLOBALVOICES | Written by Ahmed Medien MARCH 2, 2012


Palestinian youth activist and Stanford alumnus, Fadi Quran. Photo by Jeff Mendelman. Used with permission.Palestinian youth activist and Stanford alumnus, Fadi Quran. Photo by Jeff Mendelman. Used with permission.

Palestinian youth activist Fadi Quran has been released on bail from an Israeli prison. The news was welcomed by dozens of Twitter users who expressed great joy.

On Twitter, Palestinian journalist Daoud Kuttab reacts to his arrest:

@daoudkuttab: Israelis threw @fadiquran an American Palestinian nonviolent activists deep in Israel with 2 other Palestinians. No US murmur !!!. #freefadi

Quran was arrested in Hebron on February 23, 2012 – the day of his birthday – after allegedly pushing an Israeli police officer. At the time of the arrest, Fadi and his peers were protesting against the closure of Shuhada Street in Hebron, one of the city’s main thoroughfares, on which Palestinians have been forbidden to walk or drive on for over a decade.

A video of Quran’s arrest was uploaded on YouTube by the New York-based Institute for Middle East Understanding:

Social media networks quickly picked up on Quran’s arrest. On Friday, a Facebook page Free Fadi Quran was created. Quran’s friends and supporters also changed their profile pictures on different social media platforms to show solidarity. And on February 26, Quran’s Stanford colleagues created the website to raise awareness about his arrest. On Twitter, news about his arrest and later on his release was tweeted under the hash tag #FreeFadi.

Stanford student Lila Kalaf’s online petition was created on to call for his release.

Fadi Quran was one of the members of the nonviolent freedom rides organised in November 2010.

Palestinian Freedom RidersPalestinian Freedom Riders

The movement was modeled following the 1963 freedom rides in the United States against racial segregation. In this case, Palestinians protested against apartheid which prevents Palestinians from traveling freely to Jerusalem from West Bank.

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