Declaring Al-Quds the Capital of Palestine, Arabs and Muslims in Beirut


Batoul Wehbe
Al-Quds forum participantsSupporting the Resistance in Palestine Committee organized a forum on Al-Quds (Jerusalem) in Resalat Hall, Beirut on Sunday in the presence of political parties and national factions from Lebanon and Palestine.

Speeches at the forum, under the title “Declaration of Al-Quds as the capital of Palestine, the Arabs and Muslims,” stressed the importance of Al-Quds as the inevitable capital of Palestine in the face of Zionist aggressions and schemes to Judaize it.

The Al-Quds forum began with the singing of the Lebanese and the Palestinian anthems followed by a speech delivered by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in which he warned against the Israeli enemy’s attempts to declare Al-Quds as the capital of the Jewish people, indicating that regional changes demonstrate the near achievement of Al-Quds liberation.

Palestinians Strong with Your Solidarity

Archbishop Atallah HannaHead of the Orthodox Church Archbishop Atallah Hanna, in turn, hailed Sayyed Nasrallah’s stances and told the participants in the forum that Palestinians are “strong with your solidarity with us because you are entrusted to the issue of Al-Quds as the cause of the Muslims, Christians and Arabs since it is the holy city which hosts the most important holy sites in Islam and Christianity.”

“Our holy city is going through tragic circumstances since its occupation in 1984 through the weakening of the Palestinian and Arab presence and violation of Al Aqsa Mosque and other sanctities, however, these attempts are doomed to fail,” Archbishop Hanna said in a live video link from Al-Quds stressing the importance of unity among Muslims and Christians for the sake of Al-Quds’ liberation.

Lebanon Victories Role Model to PalestineJaafari Mufti Ahmad Qabalan

In turn, Lebanese Jaafari Mufti Sheikh Ahmed Qabalan said in his speech during the ceremony that “after the victory of Islamic revolution in Iran, the first action Imam Khomeini did towards Al-Quds was establishing the resistance.” “With the May (2000) and July (2006) victories, triumph had turned to be exemplar in Al-Quds,” Sheikh Qbalan said, stressing “the necessity of activating the Palestinian armed resistance through cooperation between the factions and resistance forces.”

Zionists’ Desecration of Al-Aqsa a Slap to Arab Revolts

Islamic Jihad Representative in Lebanon Abu Imad RifaiFor his part, Palestinian Islamic Jihad representative in Lebanon noted that the battle for Al-Quds is a civilization one between a ‘Berberic approach’ that wants to control people and erase their civilizations and loot their sacred site through wars and settlements and another ‘liberation approach’ based on jihad and resistance. “Zionists’ attempts to storm Al-Aqsa in the view of Arab revolts are a slap in the face of these revolutions, especially in Egypt,” Abu Imad Rifai pointed out, wondering where are the ‘Arab League’ and the ‘Organization of Islamic Action’. He indicated that the policy of negotiations lost Palestinians 75% of the land of the West Bank and encouraged Israelis to try to Judaize Al-Quds.

Muslims Ought to Face the Cancerous Tumor (Israel)

Iranian Ambassador in Lebanon Ghadanfar RoknabadiSpeaking during the forum, Iranian ambassador in Lebanon Ghadanfar Roknabadi assured that Palestine will not remain under occupation. “They accuse Iran of beating the drums of war and facing peace projects. We ask them What peace do you mean? With Israel? We announced from the beginning that we do not recognize this entity,” Roknabadi said. The Iranian ambassador called upon all Muslims to unite and stand together to face this ‘cancerous tumor’ which Imam Khomeini said must be wiped off the map.

Battle for Al-Quds in Our Favor

Hamas movement representative in Lebanon Ali Barakah warned that Al-Quds  and the holy Islamic and Christian sites are in danger today because of Israeli practices, pointing out the next battle will be for the benefit of Muslims. “How would we enter Al-Aqsa mosque, is it through negotiations and compromises?” Barakah wondered stressing that the only way is to destroy all that was built by the usurper entity by struggle and war. “The battle to liberate Al-Quds is coming and is finished” in the favor of Palestinians.

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